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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bambino Section

Dear readers , introducing Doctor Zafira :)
( Sorry to dissapoint Shida, she's not ur "madu" !)

Well, occay... where do I start. Erm, since I have a lot of frens who are still looking for a lifetime partner, I decided to make a special section for them. Ala... yg macam ruangan berkenalan kat majalah bambino zaman dulu tu la. That day I started with Dr Yusran, he received quite a hit from my dear readers! Well done ladies! I'm proud of u! Maybe becoz there are more ladies reading this blog rather than men. Hence, by helping out my dear frens , I could also know how many men's readers in my blog.

So, let's continue with Dr Zafira story. She's currently looking for the right guy in her life. Yup, the one and only... u know, that kind " till death do us apart" guy. She's a doctor which explain why she's too busy to find one by herself and "takkan la perigi nak cari timba kan". Hence in this case I become the " tali " .

So, what are the specs she's looking at...
1) beriman ...
2) Someone who will love her for what she is..
3) lelaki sejati ...

so, yeah... as simple as abc. This is not a prank for whatsover. This one is for real. If u fit into this category, U could contact her at her friendster accout. U could find more info about her there. So, gents :) jangan malu-malu yer!

Anyway, this is a start :) Sape2 nak mencari jodoh - guys or girls... u could send ur photos and profiles to my email. There's no need to be shy or what so ever! In this real world , IF U DONT STRIVE FOR IT - JADI ANDARTU la hang... regardless how pretty or rich u are ! ( just a small reminder for me also :P )Insya Allah.. semoga jumpe jodoh korang kat dunia maya ni :)


Mummy Hanny said...

Ape lagi Hans, Dr.Y and Dr. Z dah seswaiii la tuuu!!!

tini said...

such a preety lady!

marzalina said...

cute la kawan u:)

Hannan said...

kak fatin
hehehe.. dr x menyatukan dr y dan dr z..
maka jadilah xyz ek?

Hannan said...

kak tini - hehehhe , lawa!

MArzalina - minat ker? :P

plain_jane said...

da jadik dr. love pulak ke skg ni??
heheheh.. well done :D

Ceera said...

umur dia bape?? duk mana?

aku lak sibuk tanya2.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

i know her..
she is my junior masa skolah dulu..
after ages tggl zmn skolah, i'm almost cant recognize her..
sbb mase skolah dulu, zmn bdk2 kn(particularly known as "zame bolot")..ehhehe..


mummysyafie said...

wah..dah jadi ruangan pencari jodoh lak..gud idea lah hannan