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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more info about evening Primrose

Concerning my previous entry about the evening PRIMROSE, according to my little research ( so called ) , here are a few more input that u should know about this famous evening primrose oil :)
REMEMBER dear readers - EVENING PRIMROSE OIL or EPO , is more as a supplement , and not use solely as medication. So, kalau ade sakit ape2, EPO hanyalah utk tambahan sahaja.
1) EPO hasnt been tested by US FDA , so this EPO isnt legal in USA
2) according to scientific research - EPO is graded "D" for most disease- D means - unclear scientific evidence. So, technically - EPO is not that useful.
3) User MUST NOT take EPO together with antipsychotic, neurologic drugs! VERY BAD SIDE EFFECT!
4) EPO could cause allergic reaction and side effect such as seizure a.k.a SAWAN :P
therefore , please CONSULT ur doctors before taking EPO. thank you! :)


mummysyafie said...

tak penah tengok la benda ni han? utk apa erkk?

Khalina said...

salam Dr nan. :)

i've been taking EPO for almost 6 yrs now.. i was advised by a fren (who is also a doctor) to take EPO to regulate my period cycle.. it doesnt help much on the period cycle and BAD menstrual pain, but it does improve my skin condition and my exzema ..

yup, i take it as supplement.. 2000mg EPO + 2000mg vit c daily.. ok or not?

nice car u got there! jeles seh!! ;)

pearlEJ said...

dulu ej pernah try kejap... tapi tuh laa, rasa berat badan menambah lakk time try tu.. so dlm 3 bulan aje try pastu stop terus laa...

norulaina said...

waa... satu info yg mengejutkan.
tp bila makan period stabil, then kulit makin ok. mana satu yg betul ni ek..

Redbloodsnow said...

zie eating EPO arr hans
bahaye ke EPO neh...erkssss