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Monday, September 01, 2008

Pics from melacca

It felt good to be home :) That would be the sentence of the day. Finally , I'm at the dining table for the "bukak puasa" during ramadhan. Mama n Papa looked so happy today, so did my granny. At the dining table today, my granny asked me. " did u still remember how to "bukak puasa" at home? We all just bursted into big laugh. It's true thou. It felt kinda wierd to be honest. For the past 6 years in moscow , "bukak puasa" was nothing special. There were times , well... a lot of times actually when I didnt manage to "bukak puasa" on time. Most of the times, I "bukak puasa" by just drinking water or "korek hidung" .. just kidding :P

But, those were the days, I missed those a lot.

Here are some photos from my job in melacca

my boss insisted of putting the title "dr" in front of my name tag . It felt funny when everyone called me doctor thou :P Not used to it yet!
me n man lana. My apartment mate at the resort. I cant believe that he's a headmaster! He's wayyyy to young for that!
me n my boss! Kak fida! she's the managing director of the company. Me? just a coolie... doing whatever job she ordered me to do. But most of the time , I just sit at the lobby and hang out with the resort staffs :P

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mummysyafie said...

hihihihi...tul la hannan..masih ingat cara nak buka puasa ke kat umah ke? :P