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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bye bye Elyn! - again :P

4th september, today is the day elyn is going back to moscow. Her moscow journey is just beginning and the end is still far far away. Me and shida really miss her a lot. Miss the time we spent together. Well, 3 of us really enjoyed each other company. She's our beloved little sister. She acts like a kid but she can think like a real lady. A few days ago, I was sms-ing her.

me : bucuk... dah siap packing ker? barang2 semua dah ready...?
elyn : daaaaaaah.... semua siap. Abg tau kan elyn nak balik 4th sep?
me : tau la... siap masuk calendar lagi. Eh, tisu banyak x bawak nanti?
elyn : tisu? watper.. kat moscow kan ade?
me : yer la, nanti nak kesat air mata biler hari raya. Jangan lupe call abg nanti ek 1 syawal, nak gelak puas2 kat elyn
elyn : hahaha... yer la tu. Abg dah masuk dlm elyn punye must call list :)

No worry, she's used to my sarcasm+joke. Well, it's gonna be her first raya away. Dont cry too much occay dear? - habis rosak make up tu nanti! If there is any consolation for her, me and shida left a lot of stuff for her back in moscow.

Happy fasting everyone!


Chika Chika said...

i just want to be the first commentator . :D ngee

MULAN said...

salam ramadhan..

mummysyafie said...

sian dier erkk..takpe..takpe..6 tahun lagi..