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Friday, September 05, 2008

visit kota bharu!

I went to pick up jed n sophie at the jetty this afternoon. They was at the perhentian island for 3 days. Then, I took them to kota bharu coz there were leaving to KL later in the evening. So, btwn that, I managed to take them around famous places in KB. Well, to be honest, there are nothing much to see in the KB city itself, therefore - it only took us a few hours to visit everything.
Furthermore , since it's fasting month - I wasnt in the mood to do a lot of sight seeing. Instead , while waiting for bukak puasa , we went to play pool to kill a few mins :P

after a few games at the KB Mall , we went to the mitsubishi showroom since Jed wanted to see the new Lancer Evolution. Well, this car is every man's dream :) If u are a man and you dont like the evolution - definitely, there is something wrong with u dude!
Finally, "bukak puasa" time! these 2 ppl just cant wait to start eating. We had our dinner at the tesco foodcourt since Sophie insisting of eating inside the mall , she said that the temperature outside was too hot!
Since we were at tesco , I asked the Tesco manager to join us for bukak puasa! hehehe.. Miss wanie happened to be free to have dinner with us. She brought some "kuih" from tesco for us as desert. Thanks miss wanie!

Pesanan dari Cik wanie , sape2 nak beli kereta Proton/Perodua/Kia dan berminat utk test drive, boleh la kontek die ek. Kalau kontek melalui saya, saya pon dapat komisen.... JOM beli kete!


Ms B said...

Test drive? Nak!!! *smiles* But these days I am only interested in testing other 'subject'.

My good friend at work is also from Russia. These 'Natasha' are drop dead gorgeous!

pearlEJ said...

lama tak main pool... jom lawan nak?? ahahahaha... :p

mummysyafie said...

baru noticed yang nan suka kaler itam ekk..