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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been meaning to update my blog...
but then everytime I turned on my laptop....
I just tend to fall asleep while reading the news...
Well.. I guess.. I'm getting old quite fast :P

Anyway, my days at the o&g dept are numbered
Technically I should be finishing my intership at this dept
somewhere this month...
But then, there is always the possibility to get extension..
well.. we'll see
In HKB - getting extension for housemanship is nothing new
So, if u are a future houseman and not keen to extend ur housemanship..
go to HUSM :P

I'm heading to KL next week..
Fininshing my annual leave..
Cant wait to go away...
away and away.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

diane 35

to those who always had problem with their menses - prolonged and heavy menses and had been admitted to hospital for treatment , this drug is no stranger

Diane 35 is widely used all over the world to treat menorrhagia ( prolonged and heavy menses)
It's a type of combined oral contraceptive. It helps to normalize ur menses , make it regular and less painful
Another good point about Diane 35 - it helps against acne. Very good for those who wants to have birth control and at the same time having acne problem ... or any hirsutism ( terlebih bulu kat badan :P )
Some even said that Diane also helps to improve ur mood. It's kind of an antidepressant....
However, if u are looking for a contraceptive method .... go and seek for further advice for ur doctor before start taking any type of contraceptive...
Side effect of diane? hmmmm..... well. be careful , Diane 35 can make ur breasts grow bigger..and other stuff... bla bla bla...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

vlv is back

well... vlv has been nowhere but with me all along
not being appeared on the blog for quite sometimes
but she's back with a new look.
Got her a bit of face lift
new carbon fibre..
new plate holder...
happy valentine VLV.. :P
p:s - I love u too...

shida...hehehe.. sorry sayang...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ps : i love u

There are millions word and sentence I could have write..
There could be billions of ways of saying this...
But , it would all go down to one simple sentence...
"I love you"

sincerely - urs truly

Friday, February 13, 2009

dude... where are u?

where are we now?
Nearly more than half a year we graduated together and we hardly see each other now
4 of us were in the same class in moscow
Currently me workin in HKB, taka in hospital Terengganu , faiz is HUSM and anwar in Hospital Klang.
Even thou hkb and husm is pretty near - we seldom see each other.
Yeah, the crazy job as doctors did somehow killed the social part of our life I reckon :P
Anyway - for me ; I'm counting my days at the O&G department
It has been 3 month of exciting joy and fun dealing with the pregnant ladies :P
It is a wonderful job - being a OnG doctor
but then - It's not my dream job
Still hoping to be a plastic surgeon in the future
It wont be an easy task
But hopefully I'll make it thru :P
Nevertheless - for the timebeing - I just pray that my intership period wont be extended!

* Last chance for the ladies out there who wanna seek OnG advice n treatment for me !
I'm praying to be moved to other department in a month time :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


these red pills are not stranger to the pregnant ladies. To those who dont have any idea what the heck the pills are -there are the obimin pills. Given to the pregnant ladies as the supplement. It contains all the minerals , vitamins and bla bla bla which are vital during the period of pregancy.
But then , the "not so fun" part of these pills are - the usually cause nausea and vomitting to those who take them. It's good for ur health but it doesnt taste good. Same like other medicational pills.

Hence to those who are totally "allergic" to these pills - u could try the appeton natal care -caplet pills instead for the supplement :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

antenatal check up

One of many problem that I have to deal everyday in my daily work in the labour room is when the mother didnt have a proper antenatal check up.

Dear mothers and future mother :)

Once ur UPT ( urine pregnancy test ) is positive, pls visit ur nearest local clinic ( klinik kesihatan) for a proper antenatal check up (ANC) .
If u choose to go to a private clinic - make sure the clinic has a proper ANC system.
Some private clinic didnt even do the early ultrasound to the mother which is totally unacceptable.

Then, check for ur hemoglobin level because anemia in pregnancy is very common.
If ur Hb is low - make sure u take the haematinic pill everyday. Well , it's no harm taking the haematinic pills for all pregnant ladies. But then, I'm well aware that the pills dont taste that good and caused nausea n vomitting to some ppl - which in return , not loved by the ladies.
Nonetheless , for the sake of ur future baby , just take the pills :P

Also , check for ur blood presure and dont forget to do the MOGTT - modified glucose tolerant test if u have any risk factor of diabetic , which are
1. age more than 35
2. had history of recurrent abortion
3. had family history of diabetic
4. had more than 5 pregnancy
5. obesity
6. sudden increase of body weight during pregnancy.... and bla bla bla... :P

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


few been asking do I have the permission from my patient to put the anancephaly photo in my blog. Well, to start with , the photo was taken from . I wouldnt take any photo of my patient just to put in my blog. Hence , stop questioning about my creadibility. Same as the ultrasound photo above, is taken from . All of these are put in the net just for studying purposes.

Anyway, hope everyone is crystal clear about that.

Talking about ultrasound - if u are pregnant , make sure u do an ultrasound at least once before u reach the 20th week of pregnancy. WHY? The ultrasound before 20 weeks of pregnancy could verified ur last menstrual period - which determined ur expected delivery date. The ultrasound before 20 weeks is called the early scan. Ask ur doctors about this if u are pregnant and currently going on antenatal check up!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

those were the days...

I remember those time when I was studying at the boarding school. Those were the times when bullying was a routine and the juniors were really "frightened and scare" by the seniors. We follow everything what the seniors said and hardly reported it to the teacher.

Me myself wasnt such a good boy during my school days. When I was in form 1 and form - I was well known in the school for my "not so good" behavior. And yes, with that kind of repo - it did evoked the seniors. Being "belasah" by the senior at school did happen to me. It usually happened during the weekend. Hence, came friday , me n a few of my fren tried to run away. But most of the time - we had no where to run ... and we eventually ended up beaten by the senior.... for very illogical reasons....

Definitely we hated our seniors very much - some of us did pray to God day and nite so that the senior will do badly in their SPM exam - and unsuprisingly God did answer some of the prayer.

At first , after been beaten up by the seniors , I said to myself ... I will do the same thing when I become the senior - I'll do exactly what my senior did to me to my future junior.

When I became the senior at the school - for some reason , I became a bit wiser and start to be more logical in my daily act. It came to my mind " Why should I be so EVIL to my junior? Why should I be so CRUEL? WHY I want to be someone HATED?

These were the questions that kept going on my mind and I decided to be just a plain guy at the school. I choosed not to be involved with the bullying and whatsoever. I'm not someone loveable, but at the same time - I think , the junior didnt pray that I failed my SPM. Looking back at the choice I made , I reckon I made the rite one.

I definitely think I'm in the same situation rite now..... being a is always a dreadful period being someone new.


just received a sms from a fren in moscow, said that it's now -21 degree over there. Freakin cold!
I miss the snow a lot.... miss moscow a lot.. :)
Miss all the joy n fun in moscow...