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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

antenatal check up

One of many problem that I have to deal everyday in my daily work in the labour room is when the mother didnt have a proper antenatal check up.

Dear mothers and future mother :)

Once ur UPT ( urine pregnancy test ) is positive, pls visit ur nearest local clinic ( klinik kesihatan) for a proper antenatal check up (ANC) .
If u choose to go to a private clinic - make sure the clinic has a proper ANC system.
Some private clinic didnt even do the early ultrasound to the mother which is totally unacceptable.

Then, check for ur hemoglobin level because anemia in pregnancy is very common.
If ur Hb is low - make sure u take the haematinic pill everyday. Well , it's no harm taking the haematinic pills for all pregnant ladies. But then, I'm well aware that the pills dont taste that good and caused nausea n vomitting to some ppl - which in return , not loved by the ladies.
Nonetheless , for the sake of ur future baby , just take the pills :P

Also , check for ur blood presure and dont forget to do the MOGTT - modified glucose tolerant test if u have any risk factor of diabetic , which are
1. age more than 35
2. had history of recurrent abortion
3. had family history of diabetic
4. had more than 5 pregnancy
5. obesity
6. sudden increase of body weight during pregnancy.... and bla bla bla... :P


[-suziey-] said...

excuse me dr..ecewah..skema plak:D

anyway, i've done exactly as ok!..however, i am the 1 who has been scolded by the nurse...reason: me at very early stage (whch of course about 4-5 weeks we can see the positive result by doing the fact ive done UPT wth the doc and its clearly positive n confirm by the doc)..they ask me to wait until 3 mths..depa takut kot2 gugur ka apa ka kan..but luckily tht time ive been so stubborn...nak gk buat check up and finally they just let me do it..ekekkek..

so..why was they ask me (in fact ade few ladies pn kena cam i at the same time...siap marah2 lg)huh tension sungguh..nasib baik la time mood tgh hepi gitu kan...

Mrs.Sheikh said...

ada ke kebarangkalian tester tu rosak?? atau positif wpun tak peknen???

mummysyafie said...

hannan..ada jugak tester yang tak leh nak bagi keputusan yang betulkan. macam akak ngandung kan si wawan, akak check byk kali but still negative. doc kater hormon kurang. bila masuk 3 bulan baru tester tu jadi +ve.

bahaya gak erkk..tapi benda ni mmg akak buat stok kat umah. suka tunggu keputusan...macam tunggu keputusan exam je..hihihihi

murnie sangat said...

bagus la hannan, very informative..bleh share info terutamanya utk 1st timers nak jd ibu..

hannan, bleh x bg email err..sape tu lady yg u bg namanya kat prof rosli tu?kitorg soon nak g moscow,so nak carik translator..

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

sangat informative..thanks doc..

Mohd Hazaruddin said...

heheheh luckily im not a mum or future mum ... susah gak eh?

IdzaRis79 said...

terima kasih atas info yg berguna...