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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

working on aidil fitri

salam aidilfitri
ampun maaf di pinta
zahir dan batin.

it has been a wonderful 29 days for fasting
and now it's time for celebration
a day of joy and togetherness

for most people , yes.
but for some
they do have to work
i was lucky   , having a lot of non muslim working in the same department
hence all the muslim could have day off during aidil fitri

still, there are many muslims out there who has to work during this blessful day
in a perfect world , i wish i could shut down the hospital during hari raya hence
all the staff could celebrate hari raya with their beloved family
nevertheless - we live in a not so perfect situation
there are sick patients everyday
there are people who need  emergency surgery while others are performing raya prayer
there are unfortunate people who need icu care while others are eating lemang and ketupat

for all of these situation
a lof of people need to sacrifice their happiness
to save other people life
this is happening for not only hospital staff
same goes to policemen , fire fighters and others.

and yes - for all this sacrifices - at least a patient could do , or the relative could do is - say thank you

- which rarely said by them
and we dont really expecting those actually
but for goodness sake
at least - do not complain much and being very fussy during this day

i had experience the situation...
and a lot of my work mate encountered the same problems too...
the patients n relatives been complaining a lot
especially during hari raya...
someone is sick ,
the whole family went to emergency department
and everyone start complaining when the doctor didnt attend them immediately

please understand during hari raya - we dont have enough staff
only oncall doctors are working
same goes to staff nurses and medical assistants
hence , for non life threatening cases
u may not be attended ASAP if there are other near death situation around
the least u could do is say thank you to the doctor who left her or his family
to treat people during hari raya.....

Friday, August 26, 2011


had a busy  , hectic oncall yesterday
i am exhausted
i am JADED....

i'm drained - physically and mentally.
last night - the cases keep coming - non stop
the icing of the cake was
we had  a 12 hours surgery
involving many dicipline

a gardener was involved in a very serious moto-vehicle accident
and he suffered a heavy injury ..
multiple fracture..
basically , the face was torned apart
the facial bones are scattered ...

so yes , he is in a very ill condition
and last night he endured a very long surgery to fix all the fracture
involved so many dicipline

we started with ophtalmology team to fix the wound at the retina...
then came in the orthopedic team to deal with the arms...
the wound was very dirty and the surgeons was struggling to make sure the wound wont be infected in the future...
those two teams took about 6 hours ...
the came in the dental team..
to fix the facial bones..
and my Goodness...
the surgeons needed 6 hours to plate the facial bones back together
not sure how many titanium plates were used last night
but i know there were a lot

and yes -a total of 12 hours surgery..
3 teams...
so many surgeon.
but the same pair of anaesthetist ..
we i have to say ..
we were very tired
trying to keep the poor gardener alive thru out the surgery
which was not an easy job i have to say
but - it was our job to make sure the patient survived the operation

alhamdulillah , the surgery went well..
the patient was ok ...
no immediate complication seen
he still need to be ventilated and intubated for few more days
for airways protection
and i believe he will come out well...

and for us ...
i dont know what happened to my partner this morning.
all i know ,
someone wake me up around 8 am ... i reckon it was my boss who came to do icu round..
still i couldnt open my eyes..
i only managed to hit the shower at 11 am....
woke up looking like a lion i believe..
took my shower... and headed home safely...

now... i need my well deserved rest..

Monday, August 22, 2011

sky is the limit? bull shit

being a doctor
we should know our limit
we should know our capability
we should be able to see the consequence
we must be prepared for the complication
we must be aware of side effect

some doctors ,
they think sky is the limit
they think they could fix everything
they think , their hands could cure all medical illness
they think , they could fix all the fractures

so much we could do as a doctor
but in the end  , it's God who decide
God is fair
God always do justice
should we do something beyond crazy
then - complication awaiting

doctors - we consider 50-60 years old people as young people
and these people shouldnt die due to simple medical illness
i totally agree with that

but how about people who are 80 to 90 years old
personally these group of people are gifted
gifted by God with long life and good health
some people , at the age of 80 or 90
still doesnt have any medical illness
and technically they are fit

nonetheless - these group of people
they are very fragile
i simply disagree with a few doctors who are putting these people to do
elective surgeries
as an anaesthetist ...
we put patients to sleep as they being operated by surgeons
and i my little experience
to put a 90 years old patient to sleep to go for an elective surgery
it's killing me inside

if u are 90 years old
ur body isnt functioning at normal rate even thou u dont have any medical illness
hence , giving anaesthesia to this people ....
i would say - it's best to be avoid
if the surgery cant be postponed... or it can be treated conservatively , please do...
not many people in the age of 80 to 90 years old
came out from operation and live long after that...

a member of my family has just passed away
he got severe complication after an elective surgery..
he was 82 years old
al fatihah for him...
may he rest in peace.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

it will be " duck" this year

yes it's a cow head
and i wasnt being cruel to animal or what
photo was taken during raya korban
someone did suggest me to replace my teeth with this cow's teech

ha ha... very funny

anyway, my toothache is gone , thank you  God
life back to normal again
but still need to go for check up still
mmm.... bile ek free nak jumpe dr gigi ni...

but i do have problem when seeing dentist
i have limited mouth opening
it is very hard for me to keep my mouth open while people are putting stuff inside it

i remember vividly my experience with dentist
i went to my cousin
even she had a big issue dealing with me
i felt like vomiting each time she put the probe inside my mouth
i have a very good gag reflex i reckon
good for me , bad for dentist

next time i go for check up
i need to be put under General anaesthesia hence the dentist could do her job easily

anyway ,
raya is just around the corner
am sure everyone is so damn excited and sexcited
occay , sexcited has nothing to do with raya is it??

ok... drop that.

back to hari raya preparation.
my family ,
we are not very traditional when comes to food for hari raya
yes ... we do have sate , lemang , ketupat ... bla bla bla
but there will always be something special..
different from other people so that people will remember their visit to our house during raya

2 years ago we had nasi dagang with gulai burung puyuh..
last year we had a whole kambing .. panggang
this year... we have duck... yes.. duck..
so , everyone is invited to my house for hari raya
and of course it's limited...
first come last served! hhehehee.
first come first serve... i hope!

Friday, August 19, 2011

i was 23 years old.

answering one of the puzzled reader's question here
on how do i managed to become a doctor at the age of 23...

well, nothing fancy , nothing amazing
just ran with the flow
a lot of my classmate managed to do so as well
here is the secret

i sat for my SPM at the age of 17 , same as other people
then by age of 18 , i got the offer to go oversea to study medicine
on my 18th birthday i flew abroad
started my first year ( pre med )
so , 1st year med - i was 19
2nd year med i was 20 ,
3rd year med school i was 21
4th year , i was 22
5th year - the final year i was 23

came back home to malaysia at the age of 23 , after a month resting at home...
then i got the offer to start my life as a houseman

next question.. what's the different between Houseman (HO ) and medical officer

a HO is actually not a registered doctor yet
just a training period
of 2 years
( yes , u do get ur UD41 grade as soon as u started - and a full UD41 salary as well )
in that training period - a houseman is protected by the hospital - should he did anything wrong
the law cant sent him to jail
anything he or she screwed up , the specialist in charge will be responsible
which explain why the houseman needs a lot of training

once  u finished ur housemanship
then u get ur full registration certificate from the medical association
then u become a real doctor
u will be called the medical officer by that time (MO)
u will get ur UD 44 grade as soon as u get ur full registration certificate
which means - u are on your own
u are responsible for everything u did
nobody will protect u if u screw up

so there you go

doktor hannan sakit gigi!

owh my gucci!
such a horrible situation right now
i have toothache
and it's killing me

definitely worse than PMS ladies...
i dont know why
worst case scenario - i m allergic to a lot of painkiller...
which left me with a little choice to deal with my excruciating pain right now

it ruined my mood for the whole day
complicated with some issue in the OR today..
 i wish this pain will fly away

yeah i know... go see a dentist
in fact , my cousin next door is a dentist
need to see her tomorrow
but her help would be limited
coz my allergies to the drugs
bloody hell....

no more daging panggang
no more grilled lamb
no more steak
no more heavy stuff until i am done with the pain
just plain rice and something soft

i do went for dental check up before
everything was fine
i do eat proper food
enough calcium i believe,

should i am not allergic to NSAID
the best drug would be voltaren / diclofenac / nurofen
as it ease the pain and also reduce the swelling

nonetheless - the best one would be for me right now would be tramadol
which could cause nausea and vomitting
and make me sleepy all day
such a hassle

hence... i just ended up taking paracetemol
ease a little bit of pain
but still.. it's bothering me
best option... going to see the dentist asap...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

stupid taxi driver

stupid taxi driver
a total idiot i have to say

remember a few days ago i wrote about the ambulance?
the difficulty of an ambulance driver to get the critically ill patient to the hospital...

this what happened in KL yesterday
( click on for further detail)

an ambulance was on it way to HKL
transporting an old lady who was injured in a robbery
in the ambulance , there were a doctor and a nurse accompanying the unfortunate patient
as there were trying to pass thru a traffic light ... somehow a stupid taxi driver hit the ambulance from the back...
not sure the real mechanism of the incident
but i have to say the taxi driver was a total idiot. i am sorry but that was the fact
according to other witnesses  - other drivers could hear the siren so loud and started to give way
but this particular taxi driver managed to hit the ambulance
which eventually - somehow the ambulance turned upside down..
the nurse and the already critically patient are badly injured
and the doctor sustained some injury as well

occay ,
here's the fun fact about malaysian rule..
yes.. JPJ PLEASE KINDLY answer this.
by rule the ambulans driver must not over ruled the traffic light..
which he did
and this particular ambulans driver will be fined by the goverment and will be charged for reckless driving
he's done

yeah.... malaysian rules is the best - screw people who tried his best to save life
he should have been given a medal of honour instead
i know very well why he decided to over ruled the traffic light..
when there is  a doctor accompanying a patient in an ambulance
that means the case is very severe and critical
hence , the doctor must have requested the driver to get to the hospital ASAP
and the ambulance driver - surely understood the urgency of the case
and he did what he did

but seriously, does he deserved to be fined and charged?
for saving life?
the taxi driver is the one who supposed to be suspended
he nearly caused at least 5 people losing their life
all other drivers heard the siren
and gave way for the ambulans
but this idiotic taxi driver - somehow managed to hunt down the ambulance
crazy driver indeed

i hope and pray all the victims will have a speedy recovery
and to the ambulans driver - keep up the good work
u did the right thing
to the taxi driver - screw u !

here to stay

I thank Allah for everything
I consider myself a lucky person
my life has been good .... and i have some great moments here and there
I started working as a doctor at the age of 23
at that particular age, some of my friends are still struggling to finish their study
some are still undecided of what they want to be..
for me .. life has been pretty much well planned and organized
definitely there were a few hiccup at certain stage
nonetheless - i am still doing fine here

i could have stay working for the government
earn a good salary monthly , enough for a decent life
and if i m lucky ,
i could continue my study to be a specialist very soon
sound good
sound reasonable
and for most parents - it's a perfect condition for their children

but then...
sometimes - GREED comes to mind
as a normal human being - we always want more

and now , i have the chance to open my own clinic
my own private practise
i have enough capital from my investors
a company will be formed- just awaiting for my nod

technically , it's a dream come true for me to have my own clinic
nobody could boss me around anymore
and - i have the chance to make more money

however , opening my own clinic
comes with a few risky situation as well
i have to quit my job at the government
meaning i lost my privillages as a group A government officer
i have to pay back my scholarship
and worst case scenario
i'll be dead if my clinic doesnt do well

right now ,
i am weighing my option
i want to give a shot - trying to join the master programme
if i failed to do that in this coming 1 or 2 years
that , i would really consider opening my own private practise

so far ,
nothing has been concluded yet
either way ,
i'm ready

i love my job serving at the government hospital
i love helping people
being a doctor - nothing bring me more happiness than seeing my patients get healthy 
but sometimes - it hurts when ur good deeds are not appreciated and worse still.... being questioned

Monday, August 15, 2011

I want epidural

20-30 years ago ,
mothers delivered their baby at home - assisted by mak bidan , safely
our parents and grandparents are the living evidences of those
no doctors, no nurses...
just some massage n prayer by the mak bidan
most - turned out to be ok
the babies are healthy and alive
some unlucky mother - died of complication
and back then , those who dead due to complication of giving birth
are said to have evil spirit or something like that

nonetheless , thing have changed now , by a lot
mothers want doctors to deliver their child
- which is a good thing
and not a problem if u are delivering at the private hospital
which , u are paying a lot
u could ask anything when u pay ... and nowdays
all mothers want epidural when giving birth

of course it's very helpful to the mothers
and the doctors at the private sector love giving epidural
as they can charge more
and ultimately , less pain to the mothers

however ,
the problem arises at the government hospital

for ur knowledge..
not any doctors could do the epidural thingy
only anaesthetists are trained to do epidural
and these anaesthetists - are busy people...
these group of doctor - are incharge of the ICU
taking care of critically ill patient
and they are the people whom to be called when someone is dying

hence - of all their job list in the government hospital
giving epidural comes last
as it's not life threatening
i know this well as i belong to this group of doctors
we dont have the luxury to spend a lot of time in the labour room giving epidural to mothers
as most of our time and expertise is needed at the red zone emergency department where people are dying

there are a lot of comments from public asking why their request to get epidural for giving birth at the government hospital are not being fullfilled
the reason why.... is what I stated before.
there are only one anaesthetist running outside everyday ..
and this one anaesthetist spends most of his time at the red zone

unless that particular anaesthetist is really free
and nobody is dying..
then he or she could pay a visit at the labour room

Sunday, August 14, 2011

unlucky or not good enough?

salam ramadhan semua...
sedar x sedar... dah half way dah ramadhan ni kan...
time flew so fast these days.

at this very moment,  am i very a lot of malaysian are in a very heartbroken and dejected mood
as we all watched our national hero , lost again to Super Dan in the world championship.
Chong Wei did very well , played a great game with immense spirit...
but , unfortunately for him , and of course us - lady luck was not on our side.
and surely , Lin Dan played very well.
We cant blame Chong Wei , thru out the year , he won so many title
but then , when Lin Dan comes on his path .... shit happened.

Some said , Chong wei is good , but not good enough
some said , Chong wei is good , but he was unlucky
i said - a little bit of both.
and the truth? God knows.

this situation doesnt only happen to chong wei
it happens to us , every day
for some of us , there is  a very thin line between unlucky and not good enough
second place is the first loser.
nobody remember the runner up.

sometimes , we work so hard in life... everything went well.. but one screwed up case - and u are done.

for example ....
u did well in ur upsr... then u excelled during PMR , best student for SPM...
but in university , u missed a semester because u are so frustrated after being dumped ...
then u started skipping class... ended up not getting ur degree and become jobless...
what's the meaning of all great achivement u had before... nothing...

same thing happened to doctors ...
u treat sick people everyday ,
u delivered babies safely,
u did great surgery ....
but one wrong prescription would end ur job as a doctor.

so yes,
my point here is , life is cruel
life is hard and ruthless
life could be excruciating
am sure chong wei couldnt even sleep tonite - thinking of his lost
and i am sure... we all had that moment too...

just enjoy the bloody moment we had.
grab every opportunity
revel in success...
celebrate ur victory

at least when u r in deep shit ... u could remember the good time u had.. and ur life was worth it

Saturday, August 13, 2011

houseman owh houseman.........

few years back when i started working as a houseman at the GH...
there was only a few of us.
i firstly in charged at the obstetric and gynae department.
a total of 12 houseman in the department
everyday , 4 housemans need to be oncall.
and we must do round every single day during weekend
therefore - we ended up doing oncall on every other day.
not much time for family
not much time for self enterntaiment
purely work 24/7
it was a hard time
it was a drill
the labour room at the GH was like a factory producing babies
everyday , there were at least 50 babies delivered there...
it went up to 100 or 150
yes , kelantanese produce a lot of babies
furthermore - there are only a few private hospitals here

yeah.. bla bla bla..
it was tough and tiring days ..
but it was worth it
it made me a better doctor
practice make perfect
there were so much i needed to learn
and i need to work extra hours to gain the knowledge and experience

houseman nowdays..
complaining about the extra hours
they just want to work as any other goverment officers
go to work at 8 , come back home by 5 pm
what the heck?
dude.... come on..

worse case..
i heard in some departments
housemen are demanding no oncall for hari raya
and longer break for them to celebrate hari raya with family..
bloody hell..

i remember myself working during hari raya..
wearing my baju melayu to the labour room
delivering babies while wearing sampin...
cool right?
all the mums requested me to "azan" their newborns..
something u wont get to do every day

come on guys,,
once u decided to be a doctor
ur life..
isnt just about u anymore
the MD or MBBS means..
u have to sacrife our own interest.. to save life

to all new housemen
to all medical students
please.. stop complaining
do ur bloody job

Thursday, August 11, 2011

too little too late....

we all watch grey's anatomy right
remember the part when the surgeons lost their patient
and the surgeon was so frustrated and start throwing things around..
start to drink a lot..
and their mood went upside down..
went to scold everyone..

well.. those are not just acting.
the feeling is real
so real.

it hurts so much when we lost one patient
it's such a heartbreaker when someone die in front of ur eyes
it hurts and it's killing me.

something about malay culture and believe...
some of us - still believe in bomoh and traditional medicine.
hence , when we are sick ,
we tend to go to bomoh as the first line of treatment before going to the real doctors
and by the time u reached us - it's sometimes - too little too late.

one of the main cause of death in the icu is the septic shock.
what the heck is septic shock..
it's a condition when the infection inside ur body was beyond control
and it caused irreversible condition
which eventually caused multiorgan failure - and in the end - death.

septic shock could start as a simple as pneumonia ...
or any abscess ( nanah )at any part of the body...

most of the patient who reached the icu - is already in the septic shock condition
and sometime - we cant do much to help them
because every system in the body has failed...
no medication in the world could save his life

and this - is so hurtful to us doctors
because , if u come to us earlier,
there is something we could do to improve ur health condition...

so, here's my pledge to all malaysian out there
" please come to us when you are feeling sick.... any kind of sickness - as ur first choice ...
if we decided we cant treat u... then find the bomoh..."

thank you

oh my God.... my son only has 3 fingers left.....

comes ramadhan..
it's such a busy month for orthopedic surgeon ,
and us - the anaesthetist..

it would be better if we are actually busy doing qiamullai in the middle of the night... praying the Almighty..
but then...
we are actually doing another kind of qiamullai..
doing qiamullai at the operating theater in the middle of the night , trying to re-connect the amputated fingers ... which was cut apart by the mercun , mesin tebu and of course.. the old time favourite - the mat rempit..

years after years..
the same old news come out in the paper as early as 1st of ramadhan..
a young kid  lost one fingers - secondary to firework explosive..

it's so hard for us to learn the lesson right?
whom to be blamed?
the kids themselves?
or the parents?
obviously u cant blame the guys who made the firework coz these people care nothing about the kids as they just want to make money comes hari raya. they are sub zero bastard which cant be thought

well... since it's so hard to advice all the kids not to play with the firework
( worse case - the parent who actually bought all those dangerous mercun )
here's  a tip just in case ur kids ( touch wood ) or you happened to be at the crime scene during the incident happened ...
the the finger is amputated..
sometimes we , doctors could connect them back together again...
so.... in order for us to be able to re connect the fingers...
firstly , u have to bring the victim and the amputated fingers to the hospital.
occay, here's the important part..
how to keep the amputated fingers?
find a clean cloth ... wrap the amputated finger inside the clean cloth ... then put the finger inside a clean plastic bag..
then.. get the cooler , filled the cooler with ice... and put the plastic containing the fingers inside the cooler covered with ice...
make sure there is no direct contact between the fingers and the ice
but the fingers must be keep cool and as clean as possible..
and bring them to the doctor

then pray to God , the surgeon could bind them back together again...

if u find this steps are difficult to follow..
just stay away from firework
save all the trouble...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

second from death

something wierd happend in the ICU today
something wierd... very wierd.... a bit scary..
but it was such a sweet memory to me..
such a happy ending...

i was doing my round in the icu in the afternoon...
as u all know ... those patient in the icu .. most on them cant really talk coz they are intubated , the ETT stucked in the mouth or nose ... and very much sedated with opiods such as morphine so they dont fight the ventilator..
occay , my point here , i dont really talk to my patient..
we mostly get the history from the family member..
once the patient in the icu is able to talk.. they are send out to the general ward..

occay then... back to the story,
i was reviewing my patient..
focusing on the detail round...
and suddenly i saw someone standing next to me..
a man i recognize..
a man which i couldnt forget his face the rest of my life...

i smiled to him , then asked him " yes sir.... anything i can help u , it has been a while "
he walked toward me and shaked my hand " i am good doctor ... i'm fine  , thank you God "

i shaked his hand and asked him " how's ur wife ......."
before i even completed my sentence .... i was very shocked as i look behind me...
" Assalamualaikum doctor " greeted a lady standing behind me...

" waalaikumussalam..... oh My God " i was paralyzed...
there she was... standing in front of me..
smiling... in a perfectly healthy condition...

a few weeks ago ... she was second from death...
she had a complication after giving birth...
her condition was very severe..
she was fighting for her life...
i was oncalll on that very night...
it was such a scary moment of my life..
i thought i lost her...
but... as the malay saying goes - berpantang maut sebelum ajal ..
she made it..
she turned out occay..
perfectly fine..

thank you ALLAH...
such a miracle..

honestly , not many people survived after such a traumatic situation..
she cheated death..
and i was very happy to see my patient turned out alive and well..
it is such an achivement
it is such a satisfaction...
all the hard work paid off..

doesnt mind the crappy pay..
doesnt mind the extended working hours..
doesnt mind the sleepless night...

the feeling of saving a life... is priceless...

Monday, August 08, 2011

bonus .... election is coming soon?

well... the hot topic of the day.... 50% of a month salary bonus....
since everyone is talking about it..
i have a little rant about it as well..

definitely a good news for the rakyat
it's not much , but it's better than nothing...
how much will i get?
not that much...
but quite a decent amount , still , when will be a month salary bonus Mr Najib..??

i guess the election is very nearby then...
we are so used to rm500 bonus for the past few years..
and suddenly ... the bonus rises again...
that's a clear sign of election.

for those rich people out there , half a month salary is just a pinch of salt..
only half a million ringgit make sense to them..

but for us - the 1/2 month salary is quite a relieve..
for those big family.. definitely could use the money for hari raya

me? what will i do with my bonus money?
something for my other half i reckon :)

truth about the ambulance

regarding my previous post - a few question has been asked by the reader...

the most question asked...
why cant just the ambulance over ruled the traffic light?

unfortunately , we cant
the ambulance must follow the traffic light
by rules - the ambulance still need to abide the traffic light regardless how emergency the case they are transporting...
but then ... this is when the mutual understanding of other drivers and civic applied

when u see an ambulance , with its siren n neon going on... and u are on the opposite site of the road... and the traffic light on ur side is showing green light...
u could have stopped and waited ... lets the ambulance go thru first...
u could always wait for next green light..
and by doing so - u good manner could have save a precious life..

Sunday, August 07, 2011

powerless ambulance.....

7 august 2011 .... it has been 7 days we have been fasting
i wish everyone is at the best health  !

in my previous post - i promise to write one whole story about ambulance..
as we all know - ambulance is a transportation for sick people..
and the aim is to bring sick people to the hospital safely and of course as fast as possible.
that's why the ambulance is equipped with siren ... and a lot of neon light
to make sure all other drivers are aware of it present on the road
it's a well know rules that other drivers must give way to the ambulance to pass thru so it can reach the hospital in time to save the life

nevertheless , there are a few part of malaysian driver who are still ignorant of this issue
it's such an eyesore to see a car driving slowly in the middle of the road with an ambulance carrying patient , with it's siren n neon going on... trying hard to overtake this slow driver..
worse still... that bastard driver was so busy using the phone or chatting with his bloody passanger.

as a doctor , sometimes we have to accompanied very ill patient who need to be transported to the other hospital for further treatment

i was once was working at the district hospital
as we all know , district hospital doesnt have icu ward
hence , if there is any patient who needed icu care , we need to send the patient to the referral hospital..

one day at that district hospital, 
there was one sick little girl who needed icu care.
hence we needed to transport her
i was in charge on the day 
and i accompanied her on the ambulance...
sitting by her side in the ambulance...
worse case scenario... her condition was quite unstable..
half way to the destination..
her condition detoriated..
i looked her in the eyes and i could see tears coming out from her eyes..
i was panicked
there are so little i could do inside the ambulance
i asked the driver to drive as fast as he caN...

BUT  , it irked me ... so many driver in front of us refused to give way
some tried to speed faster - but in the end costed more congestion...
when we reached the traffic light...
none of the cars from the opposite ways tried to stop to give way to us..
we have to wait for green light likes other cars...
i was so frustrated...
i felt like jumping out from the ambulance and went into the middle of the road and scream at everyone to stop the traffic to let us go thru..
but i cant leave her...

i did my best...
and she saw me sweating... panting... rushing...
and she hold my hand...
as we reached the hospital..
it was too late for her...
but before she closed her eyes for eternity ...
she looked at me and smiled at me..
and she murmured. ..."thank you doctor "..
and there she left this cruel world...

if only we could have reach earlier..
she could have been alive.....

Saturday, August 06, 2011

blabbering.... Malaysian driver

if only my car could be this shiny every single day....
if only there is some kind of paint which is resistant to dust and dirt!

i know this is ramadhan...
but i have a little bit of blabbering to do here

i hate malaysian road and malaysian driver
yesssssssss... saying it out loud
it kills me to drive here
yes i am a malaysian
borned here and lived here
but malaysians are not that good with driving.... the ethic.. the technique... the rules...
we prefer making our own rules and style.

worse still.... in kelantan...
 we are still lacking of "civic" and road courtesy...

the malaysian drivers sometimes still reluctant to give way to ambulans...
( which i will write the whole new post about it later )

still drive on the right lane even thou they are just doing 20km/hour
causing a long que behind them...
and yet dont give a damn about it....

the "kapcai" rider prefer to ride in the middle of the road...

the mat rempit just unbearable.... no need to start about them here... totally deserved what had happened to some of them...

the list go on...

a part of me reckon that ... we malaysian.. need to change our attitude... and be more polite and smart when comes to driving...

Friday, August 05, 2011

could we donate our blood during ramadhan

apparently we were not meant to be together we are now happily married with other people :P

i just came back from work
was oncall last night
quite an eventful night in the ICU..

anyway , since this is ramadhan
one of the biggest problem we are having now is low blood supply
the blood bank is in danger right now
well.. basically the whole hospital is in danger if the blood bank doesnt have enough blood to supply

during this fasting month , definitely there are less blood donor in our country as most of our population are muslim
and as we are fasting... blood donor will only cause more fatigue
Some of the blood bank do arrange for blood donation after break-fasting..
but still , the number who showed up is quite little
in the end of the day... the blood supply is very critical in the blood bank..

nevertheless... regardless of the fasting month.
the number of sick people has not reducing at all..
instead ... there are more admission as the raya coming soon..
heavy traffic caused more moto-vehicle accident.
meaning.. a lot of bleeding..
and a lot of blood needed to save these injured people...

i had a case of a little girl .. whom was on her way to the school early in morning..
the mom was driving the car..
and somehow... they crashed into another incoming car ( or otherwise )
resulting a severe intra abdominal injury to the little girl...
and she required a lot of blood transfusion..

this is just an example .. of bad things which could have happened to any of us
or our family... our relative...
imagine,... if at that time... the hospital didnt have enough blood supply..
we couldnt save the girl life regardless how many surgeons treat her
the main treatment would still be the blood..
and blood is something we could just simple buy from the supermarket...
it needs to be donated by people...

therefore, my massage to everyone here...
please donate ur blood.
a small amount of ur blood  , could save a life
and that life could be someone close to u....

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

the satisfaction

selamat berbuka puasa kepada seluruh umat islam...
being a doctor ,
it is our job to save people 24/ 7
instead of being home with our beloved family during maghrib for break-fasting
we share the meal with our colleague at the hospital
so that our patients are always getting the best care and treatment
and that makes doctors such a noble job..

regarding my previous post..
it is not a rumour anymore
it is so bloody true
the houseman will work in shift schedule very soon
no more oncall
let's see if the system bring more good or more bad doctors.
i'm sure the people up there are very smart people
and these very smart people had made their smart decision
it's beyond my capability to question their judgement.

but then..
it got me thinking...
why suddenly the government is opting for the shift system for the housemen?
these group of people have been suffering for way too long..
and it's consider a part of the training to be good doctors
and it does work well
and why are they changing it?
again... the rumour has it...
currently there is or are houseman/men who is/are son/daughter of someone important up there
and this/these guys being complaining a lot to their parents ... whom apparently are very influential people up there...
hence the change has been made..
less working time for doctors..
and maybe less allowance..
so... these rich people has more time to waste..
and the poor has more time to ponder...
sighh.... u just cant stop loving these malaysian democracy..

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

the rumour has it.... good news for new houseman>?

2nd day of ramadhan
thank you God, my fever is getting better....
dah habis terbakar kot dosa2ku,
hoping that i will be healthy for the next 27 days.
well , the ideal thing would be to be healthy until the day i die :)
nonetheless... being healthy or sick... sometimes is beyond our control

back to the hot rumour that being circulating around lately...
the government said... no more oncall for the houseman ( the new doctors )
these new batch of houseman will work in shift
something like the staff nurses
and working hours will be reduced
so there will be less stress on doctors
i wonder who decided on these issue?

yes... we doctors overworked...
our working hours is ridiculous
we have oncalls
... those sound scary for the newcomers

nonetheless.. have u heard the saying " what dont kill you , will only make u better" ?

all the oncall ... the extended working hours ...
make us good doctors
make us work harder
bring out the best in every doctors

being doctor... our work require zero mistake
one stupid mistake could cause of stupid death
and suffering to a lot of people....the wife.. the children.. bla bla bla..
hence... to be able to work with zero mistake...
we have to train hard..
practice makes perfect rite?

therefore... if there is no more oncall for new houseman
no more extended working hours for these newcomers..
how they are going to learn?
medical student life is a different story than being a houseman...
if u cant work extended hours..
how r u going to be a surgeon?
a surgeon needs to be able to operates non stop in some cases such as polytrauma
some of these operation prolonged more than 12 hours
and if these new houseman is already complaing about working in ward for just 10 hours..
how are u going to be a good medical officer  , let alone a specialist in the futere

and eventually... the one that will suffer from this changes... are the patients... which is our rakyat...

to my dear government...
if u want to make our life better ( the government doctors )
instead of reducing our working hours or no oncall ...
we would rather u increase our oncall allowance and our critical allowance
that sound more reasonable

if we are paid handsomely...
then our government will have good and happy doctors working at the government hospital...
just my 2 cents for people up there...
hello.... anyone listening to this ?????/