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Monday, August 22, 2011

sky is the limit? bull shit

being a doctor
we should know our limit
we should know our capability
we should be able to see the consequence
we must be prepared for the complication
we must be aware of side effect

some doctors ,
they think sky is the limit
they think they could fix everything
they think , their hands could cure all medical illness
they think , they could fix all the fractures

so much we could do as a doctor
but in the end  , it's God who decide
God is fair
God always do justice
should we do something beyond crazy
then - complication awaiting

doctors - we consider 50-60 years old people as young people
and these people shouldnt die due to simple medical illness
i totally agree with that

but how about people who are 80 to 90 years old
personally these group of people are gifted
gifted by God with long life and good health
some people , at the age of 80 or 90
still doesnt have any medical illness
and technically they are fit

nonetheless - these group of people
they are very fragile
i simply disagree with a few doctors who are putting these people to do
elective surgeries
as an anaesthetist ...
we put patients to sleep as they being operated by surgeons
and i my little experience
to put a 90 years old patient to sleep to go for an elective surgery
it's killing me inside

if u are 90 years old
ur body isnt functioning at normal rate even thou u dont have any medical illness
hence , giving anaesthesia to this people ....
i would say - it's best to be avoid
if the surgery cant be postponed... or it can be treated conservatively , please do...
not many people in the age of 80 to 90 years old
came out from operation and live long after that...

a member of my family has just passed away
he got severe complication after an elective surgery..
he was 82 years old
al fatihah for him...
may he rest in peace.


Jejentik said...

surgery is something that my family try to avoid most, my father don't believe on surgery at all, he thinks surgery is an experiment for the doctors.

arif_sahimin said...

al-fatihah with my condolence..

Hidayah Ahmad said...

Ameenn :-) God bless