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Saturday, August 20, 2011

it will be " duck" this year

yes it's a cow head
and i wasnt being cruel to animal or what
photo was taken during raya korban
someone did suggest me to replace my teeth with this cow's teech

ha ha... very funny

anyway, my toothache is gone , thank you  God
life back to normal again
but still need to go for check up still
mmm.... bile ek free nak jumpe dr gigi ni...

but i do have problem when seeing dentist
i have limited mouth opening
it is very hard for me to keep my mouth open while people are putting stuff inside it

i remember vividly my experience with dentist
i went to my cousin
even she had a big issue dealing with me
i felt like vomiting each time she put the probe inside my mouth
i have a very good gag reflex i reckon
good for me , bad for dentist

next time i go for check up
i need to be put under General anaesthesia hence the dentist could do her job easily

anyway ,
raya is just around the corner
am sure everyone is so damn excited and sexcited
occay , sexcited has nothing to do with raya is it??

ok... drop that.

back to hari raya preparation.
my family ,
we are not very traditional when comes to food for hari raya
yes ... we do have sate , lemang , ketupat ... bla bla bla
but there will always be something special..
different from other people so that people will remember their visit to our house during raya

2 years ago we had nasi dagang with gulai burung puyuh..
last year we had a whole kambing .. panggang
this year... we have duck... yes.. duck..
so , everyone is invited to my house for hari raya
and of course it's limited...
first come last served! hhehehee.
first come first serve... i hope!

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