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Saturday, August 13, 2011

houseman owh houseman.........

few years back when i started working as a houseman at the GH...
there was only a few of us.
i firstly in charged at the obstetric and gynae department.
a total of 12 houseman in the department
everyday , 4 housemans need to be oncall.
and we must do round every single day during weekend
therefore - we ended up doing oncall on every other day.
not much time for family
not much time for self enterntaiment
purely work 24/7
it was a hard time
it was a drill
the labour room at the GH was like a factory producing babies
everyday , there were at least 50 babies delivered there...
it went up to 100 or 150
yes , kelantanese produce a lot of babies
furthermore - there are only a few private hospitals here

yeah.. bla bla bla..
it was tough and tiring days ..
but it was worth it
it made me a better doctor
practice make perfect
there were so much i needed to learn
and i need to work extra hours to gain the knowledge and experience

houseman nowdays..
complaining about the extra hours
they just want to work as any other goverment officers
go to work at 8 , come back home by 5 pm
what the heck?
dude.... come on..

worse case..
i heard in some departments
housemen are demanding no oncall for hari raya
and longer break for them to celebrate hari raya with family..
bloody hell..

i remember myself working during hari raya..
wearing my baju melayu to the labour room
delivering babies while wearing sampin...
cool right?
all the mums requested me to "azan" their newborns..
something u wont get to do every day

come on guys,,
once u decided to be a doctor
ur life..
isnt just about u anymore
the MD or MBBS means..
u have to sacrife our own interest.. to save life

to all new housemen
to all medical students
please.. stop complaining
do ur bloody job


dayanaazhar:) said...

yeah, despite long hours and sacrifice, come other bright sides for knowledge.

delivering babies in baju melayu and sampin during hari raya was impressive, seriously. hahaa you are one good doctor. I mean you really think of the bright sides.

Hidayah Ahmad said...

May I know what is obstetric and gynae department ?

Dr Hannan said...

Dyna... It's worth it

Dr Hannan said...

Hidayah... That means Jabatan sakit puan

~Ati_Hime~ said...

wow! sounds just like those new intake of MLTs..they want a long holiday for raya,some ELs every week she cause a lot of trouble but everyone listens to her..because she play her victimitis role very well..I just got tired of her/their antics because no one bothers to look on that matter..not even the immediate supervisors..haih..

Dr Hannan said...

Ati - I once was incharged for the houseman... But after a few month I quit. It was unbearable

faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

yups..practice make perfect..May Allah grant me a strength to become a sincere and passionate doc (soon will start working..after raya maybe)..tq dr hannan for sharing ur experience..

fatin hamama said...

agree with u..funny rite when houseman request sumting like dat.orang sakit ade waktu ke?huhu.pepols nowdays so manja=)

Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail said...

salam. i've been google-ing the whole day just to know the main reason WHY HO tends to quit. i try to understand what my husband really feels about his job. if he really quit, what is ur advice to him. or if his parents wanted him to hold on, what the best motivation can we give to him. im totally running out of ideas..

Dr Hannan said...

U need passion to be a doctor
That is the only thing that will keep u going strong
If u don't have the love..
It is hard to hang on
Being a doctor is a demanding job
Not all medical students becomes doctors eventually
Some graduated and realized that they r not in the right profession
Hence, nobody can help him
But himself