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Monday, August 08, 2011

bonus .... election is coming soon?

well... the hot topic of the day.... 50% of a month salary bonus....
since everyone is talking about it..
i have a little rant about it as well..

definitely a good news for the rakyat
it's not much , but it's better than nothing...
how much will i get?
not that much...
but quite a decent amount , still , when will be a month salary bonus Mr Najib..??

i guess the election is very nearby then...
we are so used to rm500 bonus for the past few years..
and suddenly ... the bonus rises again...
that's a clear sign of election.

for those rich people out there , half a month salary is just a pinch of salt..
only half a million ringgit make sense to them..

but for us - the 1/2 month salary is quite a relieve..
for those big family.. definitely could use the money for hari raya

me? what will i do with my bonus money?
something for my other half i reckon :)


Ms Pearl said...

election dah dekat? :D

I nak simpan bonus ni buat simpanan hari tua okey tak :D

hello from ms Pearl

Suliana said...

hehe.. alhamdulillah, boleh la dari tak de kan :-p kalau kasi time raya ni, jawabnya habis time raya le jawabnya :-)

pB said...

syukur alhamdulillah

atieneo07 said...

perhaps u can organize open house? ;p