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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

the satisfaction

selamat berbuka puasa kepada seluruh umat islam...
being a doctor ,
it is our job to save people 24/ 7
instead of being home with our beloved family during maghrib for break-fasting
we share the meal with our colleague at the hospital
so that our patients are always getting the best care and treatment
and that makes doctors such a noble job..

regarding my previous post..
it is not a rumour anymore
it is so bloody true
the houseman will work in shift schedule very soon
no more oncall
let's see if the system bring more good or more bad doctors.
i'm sure the people up there are very smart people
and these very smart people had made their smart decision
it's beyond my capability to question their judgement.

but then..
it got me thinking...
why suddenly the government is opting for the shift system for the housemen?
these group of people have been suffering for way too long..
and it's consider a part of the training to be good doctors
and it does work well
and why are they changing it?
again... the rumour has it...
currently there is or are houseman/men who is/are son/daughter of someone important up there
and this/these guys being complaining a lot to their parents ... whom apparently are very influential people up there...
hence the change has been made..
less working time for doctors..
and maybe less allowance..
so... these rich people has more time to waste..
and the poor has more time to ponder...
sighh.... u just cant stop loving these malaysian democracy..


blog-tips-kurus said...

hidden agenda?

Hannan said...

no hidden agenda..
just pure malaysian capitalism...
or feudalism...

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

urgh! its bloody impossible when we only have 9 housemen in the whole paeds department in HUKM. so now what? we have to work every other shift?

huuu.. im sooo against this 'smart' decision made by these 'smart' people ;(

AFRO117 said...

Heard the rumours too.

Is it true that this person is a son/daughter of someone influential in Perlis?

At first I thought this decision was made based on thorough discussion of all relevant parties. Then come the rumours =S.

Funny how things are decided based on somebody's son/daughter.

Hannan said...

Asiah... It is not a rumour anymore . Dah confirm dah u all kene keje shift. No on call

Simple. said...

hye saya budak medic hehe keja shift meaning macam keje kt luarbiasa tuhlah eh? macam shift pagi and petang semua? bagi saya sangat tak bestlah. biarlah kerja teruk mana pun kan. lagipun its a beginning for those yang baru grads its not like forever you're going to stuck there and work for 24/7! i dunno but i prefer to spend much more time in hospital cz i believe once i dedicated myself to this medic thinggy forever I will hehe. okay merepek dah.