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Thursday, August 11, 2011

too little too late....

we all watch grey's anatomy right
remember the part when the surgeons lost their patient
and the surgeon was so frustrated and start throwing things around..
start to drink a lot..
and their mood went upside down..
went to scold everyone..

well.. those are not just acting.
the feeling is real
so real.

it hurts so much when we lost one patient
it's such a heartbreaker when someone die in front of ur eyes
it hurts and it's killing me.

something about malay culture and believe...
some of us - still believe in bomoh and traditional medicine.
hence , when we are sick ,
we tend to go to bomoh as the first line of treatment before going to the real doctors
and by the time u reached us - it's sometimes - too little too late.

one of the main cause of death in the icu is the septic shock.
what the heck is septic shock..
it's a condition when the infection inside ur body was beyond control
and it caused irreversible condition
which eventually caused multiorgan failure - and in the end - death.

septic shock could start as a simple as pneumonia ...
or any abscess ( nanah )at any part of the body...

most of the patient who reached the icu - is already in the septic shock condition
and sometime - we cant do much to help them
because every system in the body has failed...
no medication in the world could save his life

and this - is so hurtful to us doctors
because , if u come to us earlier,
there is something we could do to improve ur health condition...

so, here's my pledge to all malaysian out there
" please come to us when you are feeling sick.... any kind of sickness - as ur first choice ...
if we decided we cant treat u... then find the bomoh..."

thank you

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yanhamid said...

u r rite doc, my mum died after 9 years lying on bed (Alzheimer & arthritis), when she got pneumonia, we sent her to HUKM, soon she was comma, the septic shock started, after 4 days admitted to CCU, the systems in the body failed to work (high blood pressure etc etc)