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Friday, August 19, 2011

doktor hannan sakit gigi!

owh my gucci!
such a horrible situation right now
i have toothache
and it's killing me

definitely worse than PMS ladies...
i dont know why
worst case scenario - i m allergic to a lot of painkiller...
which left me with a little choice to deal with my excruciating pain right now

it ruined my mood for the whole day
complicated with some issue in the OR today..
 i wish this pain will fly away

yeah i know... go see a dentist
in fact , my cousin next door is a dentist
need to see her tomorrow
but her help would be limited
coz my allergies to the drugs
bloody hell....

no more daging panggang
no more grilled lamb
no more steak
no more heavy stuff until i am done with the pain
just plain rice and something soft

i do went for dental check up before
everything was fine
i do eat proper food
enough calcium i believe,

should i am not allergic to NSAID
the best drug would be voltaren / diclofenac / nurofen
as it ease the pain and also reduce the swelling

nonetheless - the best one would be for me right now would be tramadol
which could cause nausea and vomitting
and make me sleepy all day
such a hassle

hence... i just ended up taking paracetemol
ease a little bit of pain
but still.. it's bothering me
best option... going to see the dentist asap...


AFRO117 said...

Haha. Im amused with the pain killer allergies. I know toothache - its a pain in the ass.

Get well soon doc!

Suliana said...

alal ciannya.. get well soon ye.. me pun klu sakit gigi, selalunya gigi bongsu punya pasal la, smpai sakit kepala, rasa mcm bengkak je muka. hehe..

Dr Hannan said...

afro - yup.... the painkiller allergies is so annoying...

suliana - heheheh... sakit gigi - mood pon sakit!

:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

come and see meeeee ;)am a dentist as well :D

get well soon Doc Hannan!