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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

stupid taxi driver

stupid taxi driver
a total idiot i have to say

remember a few days ago i wrote about the ambulance?
the difficulty of an ambulance driver to get the critically ill patient to the hospital...

this what happened in KL yesterday
( click on for further detail)

an ambulance was on it way to HKL
transporting an old lady who was injured in a robbery
in the ambulance , there were a doctor and a nurse accompanying the unfortunate patient
as there were trying to pass thru a traffic light ... somehow a stupid taxi driver hit the ambulance from the back...
not sure the real mechanism of the incident
but i have to say the taxi driver was a total idiot. i am sorry but that was the fact
according to other witnesses  - other drivers could hear the siren so loud and started to give way
but this particular taxi driver managed to hit the ambulance
which eventually - somehow the ambulance turned upside down..
the nurse and the already critically patient are badly injured
and the doctor sustained some injury as well

occay ,
here's the fun fact about malaysian rule..
yes.. JPJ PLEASE KINDLY answer this.
by rule the ambulans driver must not over ruled the traffic light..
which he did
and this particular ambulans driver will be fined by the goverment and will be charged for reckless driving
he's done

yeah.... malaysian rules is the best - screw people who tried his best to save life
he should have been given a medal of honour instead
i know very well why he decided to over ruled the traffic light..
when there is  a doctor accompanying a patient in an ambulance
that means the case is very severe and critical
hence , the doctor must have requested the driver to get to the hospital ASAP
and the ambulance driver - surely understood the urgency of the case
and he did what he did

but seriously, does he deserved to be fined and charged?
for saving life?
the taxi driver is the one who supposed to be suspended
he nearly caused at least 5 people losing their life
all other drivers heard the siren
and gave way for the ambulans
but this idiotic taxi driver - somehow managed to hunt down the ambulance
crazy driver indeed

i hope and pray all the victims will have a speedy recovery
and to the ambulans driver - keep up the good work
u did the right thing
to the taxi driver - screw u !


diean said...

Nurse yang injured tu meninggal dunia 2.30am pagi ni...

nn said...

innalillah.... semoga rohnya di tempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman.

sesetengah taxi driver (bukan semua yea) sombong, berlagak. macam jalan tuh dia yang punya.

Dr Hannan said...

Dienn. Innalillah.... May i know the cause of death?

Dr Hannan said...

N n--- these taxi driver need to go to ethic classes monthly

Suliana said...

alahai kesiannya.. innalillah..

ketawariang said...

saya sentiasa rasa yang taxi drivers are stupid! suka-suka hati nak tukar lane,masuk simpang etc tanpa bagi signal...
they are pembuli jalan!
kalau nampak taxi,mesti saya jauhkan kereta dari taxi tu...

~FaRa~ said...

saya benci taxi drivers!buat jalan raya mcm jalan bapak depa!xhormat org len lgsg..