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Thursday, August 11, 2011

oh my God.... my son only has 3 fingers left.....

comes ramadhan..
it's such a busy month for orthopedic surgeon ,
and us - the anaesthetist..

it would be better if we are actually busy doing qiamullai in the middle of the night... praying the Almighty..
but then...
we are actually doing another kind of qiamullai..
doing qiamullai at the operating theater in the middle of the night , trying to re-connect the amputated fingers ... which was cut apart by the mercun , mesin tebu and of course.. the old time favourite - the mat rempit..

years after years..
the same old news come out in the paper as early as 1st of ramadhan..
a young kid  lost one fingers - secondary to firework explosive..

it's so hard for us to learn the lesson right?
whom to be blamed?
the kids themselves?
or the parents?
obviously u cant blame the guys who made the firework coz these people care nothing about the kids as they just want to make money comes hari raya. they are sub zero bastard which cant be thought

well... since it's so hard to advice all the kids not to play with the firework
( worse case - the parent who actually bought all those dangerous mercun )
here's  a tip just in case ur kids ( touch wood ) or you happened to be at the crime scene during the incident happened ...
the the finger is amputated..
sometimes we , doctors could connect them back together again...
so.... in order for us to be able to re connect the fingers...
firstly , u have to bring the victim and the amputated fingers to the hospital.
occay, here's the important part..
how to keep the amputated fingers?
find a clean cloth ... wrap the amputated finger inside the clean cloth ... then put the finger inside a clean plastic bag..
then.. get the cooler , filled the cooler with ice... and put the plastic containing the fingers inside the cooler covered with ice...
make sure there is no direct contact between the fingers and the ice
but the fingers must be keep cool and as clean as possible..
and bring them to the doctor

then pray to God , the surgeon could bind them back together again...

if u find this steps are difficult to follow..
just stay away from firework
save all the trouble...


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

wonder if these kind of things happens in Moscow too since they sold huge fireworks during New Year..

Dr Hannan said...

kat moscow xde sgt kes putus jari main mercun.;
kat malaysia bnyk mercun haram...

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