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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year

Dont be fool by the photo above. I'm nowhere near the beach. Far far away from any vacation. Yes, it's the new year eve and I'm all alone in my room , studying my next month on call schedule. Unsuprisingly , I'll be doing 11 on call next months. That would be.... RM1140 for me. Just a bit short to pay for VLV. But I would rather get half of it and have more rest. At this point of my life... I need more free time than money :P
Since I'm celebrating the new year alone - might as well by myself some gifts to cheer up my day. The on call rotation really made my day gloomy. Bought myself new perfume from DKNY and a pair of shoes and couples of shirts and ties. Everything that I'll be using day in , day out at the hospital.

Nevertheless, despite of all the tears and pain for the past 1 month and a half , I started to become a better doctor as each day passes by. Hard work does pay off - eventually. I'm more confident in my job rite now compared to I was a month ago. I cant believe I'm surviving this crazy life at the hospital. I pray to Allah that everything will be running plain and smooth for me thru out my internship. This is just the beginning... more and more to come .....

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry x mas!

Merry x mas to my dear frens who celebrated it. To those who didnt, happy holiday!

Well, I surely miss the snow! A LOT. No more x-mas snow for me this year. No more snow during new year eve. Not sure how my new year will be - but most probably , at the labour room.

Not been updating my blog for a week I reckon. It has been quite a busy week for me. After spending nearly a month at the labour room - I was finally transfered out to the ward. Yeah, working in the ward is a lot more "less" tense compared to working at the labour room.

Labour room is like an emergency room. No time to sit down and relax. There will always be at least 1 delivery in every 1 hour. No kidding. At HKB , since the day I started working - at least there are 20 babies delivered everyday. At least 3 c-section. During the school holiday, it might go up to 50 babies per day. So, imagine how the doctors who need to work at the labour room , day in day out.... and during on calls.. 36 hours non stop running around the labour room.

Hence, it was pretty much a relieved for me to work in the ward now. But during on call, I still need to work in the labour room.

Anyway - merry x mas everyone and have a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's weekend again

these photos were taken at my ex-primary schoolmate wedding last weekend. I wish good luck and happiness ... sampai ke anak cucu. Well, most of u gonna ask, when will be mine? Only God knows the answer. With my current situation - I'm technically married to the hospital. I spend more days and night with the patients.
Today would be the happiest day since I started working. Why is that? Hmmm.. if u are a gov servant - u should know what day is today! Finally , I could see the sunshine after the dark days and night :) ... yang tau , tau la kan...heheh.. agak2 ape die ek...

I'm still looking for a computer rite now. A desktop to be exact. Hmmmm... Currently there is a pc fair held at KB Mall. Havent got the time to check it out yet. Anyone out there wanna be my desktop consultant? Anyone.. hehehe...
Anyway, wishing u all a happy weekend! Yup, again - no weekend for me. I was supposed to have a quite saturday, but I'm covering my fren's on call... so. yeah... As usual.. weekend in hospital again for me... no big deAL...

ADIos amigOS

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

adoi la

current mood - pissed off!
my laptop - hancuss.
Well, it's actually my brother's lappy. It was broken and I fixed it. Now it's broken again and unfixable :P.
I do have my acer at home. But here at my rented house, I used the compaq ( the one I fixed)
Currently using my housemate lappy to go online.
Thinking to buy a new lappy or desktop when my 1st salary is banked in.
Gonna need some help with that coz I wont have the time to do the survey of the prices and whatsoever
So, anyone lives in Kota Bharu out there and reading my blog and knows about computer, please help me out to buy a new desktop/laptop.

Today, I do my first gynaecology clinic.
It was hard. For the last 1 month, I was just concentrating on obstetric
Now, I'm considered as senior at the o n g department - I need to master the gynaecology cases.
Soon enuf I'll be assigned to the gynaecology ward. No more maternity and labour room for me.
Felt like my 1st day at work all over again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my 1st day

Occay, this will be my 1st reply to the PPIM moscow- regarding their email to me last week:) To the PPIM, if u want to publish this article in ur buletin, it would be an honour for me, if not - no problemo at all. I'm just sharing my little experience as a ho with the ppl out there.

HOW to survive on ur 1st day as a HO?

well, the truth is - one way or another , u are destined to be screwed. But I do have a few tips to minimize the damage :P

1) Be very humble. As a new HO , u know nothing. Bear that in mind. Ask help from everyone. The best teachers would be the staff nurses. Other senior ho might be too busy to show u everything , MO would be busier . Hence, be nice and asked help and learn from the nurses. Be very humble.

2) Be honest. If u dont know how to do the procedure or how to manage the patient , just say it out loud. Be honest and ask for help. If u just shut up , other would assume u know how to handle the situation. It's ok to be stupid on ur 1st day, well even on ur 1st month. Bak kata orang melayu - jangan jadi bodoh sombong.

3) Responsibility. BE early at work. By early - I mean before 7 am. It may sound very early for some ppl, but as a doctor - 7am is nothing. Be early to show to others that u are eager to work.

4) SMILE - always smile to other ppl. Be nice and talkative to other ho, to the nurses. Introduce urselves to senior ho, to the staff nurses. Make sure ppl remember ur name. The most important thing , make sure u introduce urselves to all the specialists and consultants and ur department. Make sure they know ur existance in the department

5) NOtEbook. Make sure u have a small note book in ur pocket. Write down all the new things u learn. Write down all the thing u need to learn.

6) LEARN fast and act fast. Well, this is the hardest part. Being a doctor, other doctor would expect u to be a fast learner. On my 1st day in labour room, my MO asked me to conduct a delivery and do the episiotomy. I never done that before during my student days. So, yeah - expect the unexpected yeah.

7) BE CONFIDENT. This is the main thing. Even thou the fact is - u are just day 1 of life as a HO , u need to start managing case on ur 1st day. So, when u r dealing with the patient, make sure u give a confident look to them. Dont make ur patient scare. No one want to be treated by a fresh doctor who just started work few a hour ago. Act like u've been working for years.

and... above all this ..sebelum pergi keje tu.. doa kat Allah, permudahkan urusan kita dalam pekerjaan harian ni. Niat kene la ikhlas. Solat subuh jangan tinggal...

well... there are a lot more tips and hints. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to write everything rite now. These are just the main thing u need to remember on ur first day. PLEase remind me to write more later on...


a few days ago, I received this email ... I hope the sender wont mind I posted the email here...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang.. Pertama sekali, kitorang mohon maaf kiranya emel ni mencuri masa Dr. Hannan untuk berehat.. Mesti penat kerja sebagai seorang houseman, lagi-lagi di labour room HKB. Dr. Zainal masih lagi Head of Department ke kat sana? Kalau ya, dia still garang lagi ke?

Apapun, straight to the point.. Kitorang ni memang a big fan of your blog ( dan sebagai medic students yang bakal graduate nanti, memang kitorng selalu cuba nak tau macamana pengalaman seniors masa housemanship dan one of the best sumber if from your blog. You've still got time to blog and inform us on how is the situation and experiences during housemanship, which we think is really helpful and thanks for sharing them with us!

Jadi.. Kitorang kalau boleh nak meminta, mencuri masa Dr. untuk kongsi pengalaman as a houseman untuk dimuatkan dalam bulletin IMAM'S LINK, December edition nanti.. Kitorang akan rasa berbesar hati sangat kalau Dr. sudi, tak kisahlah bentuk mcmana pun - be it my first day as a ho, rutin harian sebagai seorang ho, ataupun just nasihat2 untuk bakal graduan RSMU/MMA and tips.. It doesn't have to be long, but we would be delighted if your essay consists of 50-100 words

Once again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts and keep blogging. All the best in your work and have a good weekend.

Best regards, Biro Penerangan & Publisiti,
PPIM Russia Student Chapter (Moscow)

Where do I start ....

Friday, December 12, 2008

school holiday

Since I've been working at hkb, I rented a house - shared with Dr Yusran. Even thou hkb isnt that far away from my parent's house - it is more "convinient" for me to stay at the rented house coz it is located very near to the hospital. I choosed not to stay at the quaters coz starting this year, should we stay at the quaters - we wont get the housing allowance.

Anyway, it's been quite sometimes - me working at the labour room. Getting used to it now. Unfortunately for me - I'll be thrown out from the labour room starting next week. I'll be working at the maternal ward instead. Well, in a way - working in the ward means - less stress coz in the postnatal n antenatal ward - mostly for observation. All the hard case and delivery will be sent to labour room.

Since this is the school holiday, my only niece and nephew are back in kelantan. Umar n Imah. So, I tried to go back to my parent's house as frequent as possible when they are around. Miss them a lot. Miss playing with umar. It doesnt mean that I wont go back home if the kids are not around :P

Anyway, wishing everyone a very happy weekend :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

selamat hari raya aidiladha

Selamat hari raya aidiladha semua. I also would like to wish happy birthday to my beloved shida. She was borned during hari raya korban.

I celebrated this year raya korban at the labour room. I was "on call" on the day of raya. It was fun actually. Wearing baju raya and conducted delivery. Some of the mothers asked me to "azan" their new borned baby since I was so nicely dress :P and wearing songkok some more. No kidding. That was the joy part of my working life.

During the day of hari raya , not many ppl come for delivery. Most of the mothers, waited until the end of the day. From morning till late noon, the labour room was pretty empty and relaxing. But, started from 8 o clock in the evening , ppl started coming in. By midnite - it was chaotic , normal service resume.

Today, it would be worse coz a lot of mothers/ future moms would come with hypertension crisis coz they ate a lot of meat during hari raya. I know tomorrow it will be a very busy day at the labour room.

When I logged in to my YM just now, a junior asked me about the life as an intern. She asked "was it that bad?" I told her " No worry, it will pass away...."

Indeed, it wiil. But it takes time. For some ppl, maybe just a few days , for others... it might take forever. Depend on each individual. Depend on how u cope with the situation. But one thing I can be sure of , it will be a gruelling start for everyone :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Just got my on call schedule yesterday. Unsuprisingly , I'll be working on the Hari Raya Haji. No big deal thou. I'm expecting that. For this month - I'll be doing 9 on calls. Yeah, in a way , it means I'll be getting RM930 for that. But in another view - I'll be a living zombie for 18 days this month. Just another chapter of my life as a doctor.

I'm pretty much tired of complaining and whining about my job. Once I got rid of this unpleasant feeling about my job - I started to feel something new. I begin to love my job.

Being a doctor in the labour room - the best thing that happened to me everyday is when I safely conduct a delivery and the smile on both the dad and the mom - is priceless.

On a lot of occasions , when I walked out from the labour room - the family members came to me and thanked me.....the father would introduce me as the doctor who delivered their new family member.... awesome.

Of course , above all those - it was God who decided which one will have safe delivery and there will be a few unfortunate incident..

Definitely, sometimes - it could be the other way around. But so far , no bad incident happen to me yet while I'm working at the labour room.. God willing, mintak jauh la semua benda buruk tu...