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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

adoi la

current mood - pissed off!
my laptop - hancuss.
Well, it's actually my brother's lappy. It was broken and I fixed it. Now it's broken again and unfixable :P.
I do have my acer at home. But here at my rented house, I used the compaq ( the one I fixed)
Currently using my housemate lappy to go online.
Thinking to buy a new lappy or desktop when my 1st salary is banked in.
Gonna need some help with that coz I wont have the time to do the survey of the prices and whatsoever
So, anyone lives in Kota Bharu out there and reading my blog and knows about computer, please help me out to buy a new desktop/laptop.

Today, I do my first gynaecology clinic.
It was hard. For the last 1 month, I was just concentrating on obstetric
Now, I'm considered as senior at the o n g department - I need to master the gynaecology cases.
Soon enuf I'll be assigned to the gynaecology ward. No more maternity and labour room for me.
Felt like my 1st day at work all over again.


mummysyafie said...

apa pun...gud luck yer doc!

norulaina said...

kalu nk tul2 bagus brand 'hp'

imthatgirl said...

doc, considering macbook ? a pretty cool laptop and rarely crashes.Great for a change if you are sick of using windows ;)

Mrs.Sheikh said...

haa..bagus ni nan...boleh ler sape ada masalah gynea carik hannan..:)