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Monday, December 15, 2008

my 1st day

Occay, this will be my 1st reply to the PPIM moscow- regarding their email to me last week:) To the PPIM, if u want to publish this article in ur buletin, it would be an honour for me, if not - no problemo at all. I'm just sharing my little experience as a ho with the ppl out there.

HOW to survive on ur 1st day as a HO?

well, the truth is - one way or another , u are destined to be screwed. But I do have a few tips to minimize the damage :P

1) Be very humble. As a new HO , u know nothing. Bear that in mind. Ask help from everyone. The best teachers would be the staff nurses. Other senior ho might be too busy to show u everything , MO would be busier . Hence, be nice and asked help and learn from the nurses. Be very humble.

2) Be honest. If u dont know how to do the procedure or how to manage the patient , just say it out loud. Be honest and ask for help. If u just shut up , other would assume u know how to handle the situation. It's ok to be stupid on ur 1st day, well even on ur 1st month. Bak kata orang melayu - jangan jadi bodoh sombong.

3) Responsibility. BE early at work. By early - I mean before 7 am. It may sound very early for some ppl, but as a doctor - 7am is nothing. Be early to show to others that u are eager to work.

4) SMILE - always smile to other ppl. Be nice and talkative to other ho, to the nurses. Introduce urselves to senior ho, to the staff nurses. Make sure ppl remember ur name. The most important thing , make sure u introduce urselves to all the specialists and consultants and ur department. Make sure they know ur existance in the department

5) NOtEbook. Make sure u have a small note book in ur pocket. Write down all the new things u learn. Write down all the thing u need to learn.

6) LEARN fast and act fast. Well, this is the hardest part. Being a doctor, other doctor would expect u to be a fast learner. On my 1st day in labour room, my MO asked me to conduct a delivery and do the episiotomy. I never done that before during my student days. So, yeah - expect the unexpected yeah.

7) BE CONFIDENT. This is the main thing. Even thou the fact is - u are just day 1 of life as a HO , u need to start managing case on ur 1st day. So, when u r dealing with the patient, make sure u give a confident look to them. Dont make ur patient scare. No one want to be treated by a fresh doctor who just started work few a hour ago. Act like u've been working for years.

and... above all this ..sebelum pergi keje tu.. doa kat Allah, permudahkan urusan kita dalam pekerjaan harian ni. Niat kene la ikhlas. Solat subuh jangan tinggal...

well... there are a lot more tips and hints. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to write everything rite now. These are just the main thing u need to remember on ur first day. PLEase remind me to write more later on...


Wahidah said...

tip yg berguna utk medic student yg bakal bekerjaaa..hehehe

Naemmommy said...

my husband baru 1 week start HO kat Kajang Hospital and lucky he has nice collegues and nurses kat sana. belum lagi dapat MO or HO seniors yang garang2. semoga berkekalan :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You're always lucky wherever you go. Keep smiling! :)


good luck

PPIM/IMAM said...

Thanks for the great tips! InsyaAllah will definitely publish it in the upcoming bulletin :)

Mummy Hanny said...

ermmm...a few tips tu tak lari dari the tips i gave you before. boley pakai jugak la kan?

nway, best of luck! I think u've find ur pace!

*SiRibenMerah said...

have a good day Doc.. =)

Adzrul Ariff said...


Setuju dengan semua points DrHannan. Everything sama dengan my own 1st day as a HO, except about conducting delivery and episiotomy tu lah because I'm in NICU paediatrics.

Hannan, pls cerita skit about your on-calls. Heheh. if it's not much to ask for.