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Monday, January 30, 2012


My body is dehydrated
Easily being infected by all kind of bacteria n virus around me

It has been a while since I get sick
Last time ,
Before I had my tonsil removed... I became sick frequently , due to my acute on chronic tonsillitis
This is the first time since I am tonsil less ... I got sick again

Feverish.... Body ache .... Sore throat ... Headache ... Pretty much sound like viral fever
I already took tamiflu for that
And also cover for bacteria infection with augmentin tablets
This morning, my fren inserted branula into my vein so I could hydrate myself

Now I feel a bit better
But still feel unwell
Still feel tired
Worse case scenario
I am oncall today
The best thing I could do, just hoping that there will be no emergency case tonite , hence I could rest...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby blueeee!!!

Nia on her fav play mat...

When my mrs told me that we need to buy play mat for nia,
I was wondering... What benefit could it bring
What is the difference of playing on the normal mat compared to the playing mat ?
Why do we need to spend few hundred buck to buy something unnecessary ?

But then... Everytime those question come into my mind...
I always remember that ... My mrs , unlike me... She reads a lot about babies... She spends her pregnancy months doing research about raising a child.
Definitely she knows better.
Not that I m a bad father
Man does what man does rite?

So yes., when my wife said we need a play mat... I bought one for nia..
For nia... Price comes second. Satisfaction and quality is number one ! Not that I am bloody rich, I just want the best for nia.

And guess what... Nia loves her play mat
She becomes very excited when we put her on that thing
Yes... Those colorful stuffs makes her happy.
When nia is happy... Mommy n daddy are the happiest people

Sometimes, we ( the husbands) need to listen to our counter part...
Most of the time.... They better listen to us!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

While most people are still sleeping soundly in their bed on cold rainy Saturday morning...
Some already started working
And made money...

Some said, weekend is for resting
Some said, money is not everything
Chill out and have fun

There are truth in all those saying
But when u have the opportunity to earn extra money, it is not wrong to make an extra effort and to spend some extra hours , working

.... And that is the difference between losers and winners

Friday, January 27, 2012

I would do anything for one of this!

Lamborghini aventador
A car that every man on earth dream to own
Unfortunately , only a fraction of human population could ever drive this beast

I would give everything to own one!
Definitely not ur everyday car
But ... The thought of driving it every weekend ... Excite me

Owh God... Let miracle happens
And give me an avantador!

Bikes! I want one!!!!

Gosh, I love superbike
I nearly bought one recently
But my mom was against it
Then I ended up getting miss blue

Apparently my mom was right
Miss blue was a better choice
Considering my life has changed
It used to be only 2 of us
Now it's already 3 of us
Need ra larger transportation

Nia's stuffs took half of the miss blue capacity when we travel
The stroller... The bed....
Where do I put nia should I bought a Ducati instead ?

Yet and still
Maybe in the future
Somewhere nearby future
I might get one superbike
Providing there is a cheap good deal
Being typical Malaysian
We want something good, at the lowest price
We ll see about that

For the time being
Superbike is not a must yet
It's not a necessity
Just a luxury item
But it would be nice to own one
Riding it everyday to work
Cool isn't it?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why so "takut" one?

It comes out in the paper today, the MPs need to discuss between themselves regarding either to declare their wealth or not prior to the next coming election.

The SPRM has come out with a suggestion that all MP must declare their wealth to avoid future corruption.

Of course , as we all know
MPs are human too
And human is greedy
Greed makes people do stupid things
Such as accepting bribe
Not saying that our MPs are taking bribe
But if they don't... Why is it do hard for them to declare their wealth .

One of the reason being stated by them is due to security reason...
Owh come on... Our 1 Malaysia citizen is not that stupid rite....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nia is growing up so fast

it is already 2 month I become a father
Damn , time flew so fast
Nia is growing everyday
Become smarter and more adorable each second

Nonetheless ,
I do feel a bit sad and dissapointed
As I didn't spend much time with nia and mommy
Daddy is too busy working
Mencari sesuap nasi untuk keluarga

It remind me of the eminen song
The mocking bird
It does reflect my situation right now
Kind off I reckon

But don't worry mommy and nia
Daddy is doing his best for our future

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is wrong with u?

I came across this article in the newspaper this morning
A husband threatened to slaughter his wife due to jealousy

Bloody hell
For crying out loud
If u hate ur wife that much...
File a divorce and find a better one

But then
In this case the husband is a drug addict

Our government should make a new law for this drug abuse people
They should be sentence to jail instead of pusat pemulihan
Better still , send them to the jungle
Start a new life as a Tarzan

I am against drug abuse
I hate those people who is a drug addict
When u r on drugs
U do crazy thing...
Seriously the gov should do something about these people

These drug addict , they are the propel who do all the crime.... Robbery, rape...

The best would be death sentence for those drug addict
Seriously it will solve a lot of problem in our country

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My beauty

Since bumblebee has been solo for quite a while....

Now he already got a partner!

New life

Today my first day working at hospital Tanah Merah....

It has been raining non stop since yesterday

Was a quite cold cloudy morning
Doesn't really match my mood
I am pretty excited to start working at this new place
Meet new people
New staff
Most of the doctors , I knew them already as we all originated from he GH.

Good luck to me

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do not enter! ICU is not a playground

Yesterday was my last day being incharged of the ICU
Damn I am gonna miss it
No ICU at hospital Tanah Merah
Only Ot.... And Ed
Less work for us , Anaest

One thing that irritate me when I am incharge of the ICU
Seeing pregnant ladies and children visiting patients in ICU is really scary
The risk of infection when u visit ICU is very high
The patients in the ICU commonly infected with premier league bacteria such as acinobacter and mRCONs
This bacteria is really dangerous

Worse case scenario of u are pregnant
U r risking urselves and also ur baby when u r visiting patients in ICU
Pregnant ladies and children are at higher risk of getting infected
And when they do got infected, the illness is very severe

I am not saying that u can't visit ur relative who is dying in the ICU
Not saying that the children has no right to see their severely sick parent ....
But we have to consider the risk of going inside the ICU
Is it worth it to be infected ?
Bare in mind that visitors in ICU usually do not follow the hand washing rules

So, a take home message for the day... If u r pregnant and have small kids, stay away from ICU

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning out my closet

My last day at Hrpz ll

Of course I am excited to go to hospital Tanah Merah
But I do feel a bit sad
Having to leave Hrpz ll
A place where I actually started my life as a doctor
A place where I learned a lot of thing
A place I never forget

Hopefully one day I ll get the chance to come back here again
Should I get into the master programme
I ll be back here as soon as next year

But then
I haven't make up my mind regarding furthering my study

Just go with the flow
For the time being

I ll just enjoy the moment
Continue treating people
And save life

Good bye Hrpz ll

Finally , eventually
I got my transfer
I handed in my transfer request last season ( mcm Wayne Rooney la plak)
And I finally got it

It has been a lovely 4 years in Hrpz ll.. From 2008 until 2012.
So many memories here
Good ones, bad ones
Being screwed, got screwed
And screwing other when I am a senior
Just a cycle of life as a doctor.

It is not that I hate Hrpz ll that I requested to transfer
Damn I love this place
I love my Anaest department
The best department in the world
No where in the world I would find such a family like department.
Going to work everyday seems like " balik kampung"

We have breakfast together... Helps each other in ICU and Ot ..
Such a harmony condition here.
It is a comfort zone for a lot of people here.

But then...
We have to let go
In order to gain new experience in life
I ll be going to hospital Tanah Merah starting next week
Will be the new Anaest there
So excited to work at a new place

To my colleague at Hrpz ll
I thank you for everything
Sorry if I offended any of u
Sorry for my wrong doing
I have such a great memories here
Learnt a lot

Now it's time for a new experience at htm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too beautiful to let go

When I said I want to sell this car
My friends told me not too
She is too beautiful to be divorced!

Bumblebee does require higher maintainance compare to other car due to its sophisticated add ons
But I don't mind
It's a great car
I get me from a to b in a flash of time
And with style of course

I know lately I have not been driving it so much since she now has a new sibling with turbo... But she is still my number UNO!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Do not do stupid thing

The whole world knows that our Malaysian people is going for riot once again next few days

Yes, we all want freedom
Bla bla bla

But riot is not the answer
We don't want to end up like Egypt and Syria
That is embarrassing and only bring harm to everyone
Nothing good will come from the riot

If u want to protest against the government ,
Do it during the election
No amount of riot can change the government
Even if u burnt down putrajaya
Legally... Barisan nasional is still the ruling party

I am not on any side
Not a big fan of politic
But I know , riot will only cause trouble to our nation
It will cause damage to public property
It will cause injury
And worse case scenario.. Death
We all could avoid this
Please.. Stay home

The election is coming soon anyway
Show what u feel on the voting paper

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sambil Sambil menunggu

In our Malaysian tradition
We all love to visit sick people at tr hospital
It is such a good thing
When one of ur family member is sick
The whole village come and visit
Something that we have been practicing for so many generation .

Nonetheless ,
While u are waiting for ur family member at the hospital
There are many benificial stuffs u could do at the hospital

Let's say if u are waiting for ur mom who is admitted to ward...
During morning time.. While doctors are doing their round
Family members are supposedly to empty the ward
During that period
Why don't u pay a visit at the blood bank
And donate ur blood
It s such a meaningful thing to do

It is not far way from the ward
It is not difficult thing to do
It is not dangerous for sure

If u are just sitting in front of the ward
U r not helping much by that
If u donate ur blood ..
U might have save a life, or two...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Baby owh

Even thou u poo poo so many times everyday
U Si shi continuously ...
U cry like an opera singer

A smile on ur face makes daddy forget all of those

Love u my princess nia

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New year resolution

As simple as abc
To be a wonderful husband
To be a great dad

As a doctor
I hope to save more life
Bring happiness to people
And do no harm

Among those
The hardest part would be to be a great dad
Parenthood is tough
Need to be physically n mentally super strong
Maybe coz am I still new to this
But I know there are many hills upfront
Just pray to Allah nia will turn out just fine

Merry 2012

Happy new year guys!
Bye2 2011
Bad memories pls go way
Good ones here to stay!