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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bikes! I want one!!!!

Gosh, I love superbike
I nearly bought one recently
But my mom was against it
Then I ended up getting miss blue

Apparently my mom was right
Miss blue was a better choice
Considering my life has changed
It used to be only 2 of us
Now it's already 3 of us
Need ra larger transportation

Nia's stuffs took half of the miss blue capacity when we travel
The stroller... The bed....
Where do I put nia should I bought a Ducati instead ?

Yet and still
Maybe in the future
Somewhere nearby future
I might get one superbike
Providing there is a cheap good deal
Being typical Malaysian
We want something good, at the lowest price
We ll see about that

For the time being
Superbike is not a must yet
It's not a necessity
Just a luxury item
But it would be nice to own one
Riding it everyday to work
Cool isn't it?


Esy said...

There's isn't really any cheap nice superbike, especially not DUCATI (maybe monster at 59k)... Or KTM Duke R at 49k.. There's nothing wrong with having baby and bike at the same time (consider it ur second baby, I know I did).. Wish u luck trying to convince ur mom on letting u get a bike....

Dr Hannan said...

Hehehhe.... We ll see about that
Should I get one in the future
It gonna be a red Ducati