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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do not enter! ICU is not a playground

Yesterday was my last day being incharged of the ICU
Damn I am gonna miss it
No ICU at hospital Tanah Merah
Only Ot.... And Ed
Less work for us , Anaest

One thing that irritate me when I am incharge of the ICU
Seeing pregnant ladies and children visiting patients in ICU is really scary
The risk of infection when u visit ICU is very high
The patients in the ICU commonly infected with premier league bacteria such as acinobacter and mRCONs
This bacteria is really dangerous

Worse case scenario of u are pregnant
U r risking urselves and also ur baby when u r visiting patients in ICU
Pregnant ladies and children are at higher risk of getting infected
And when they do got infected, the illness is very severe

I am not saying that u can't visit ur relative who is dying in the ICU
Not saying that the children has no right to see their severely sick parent ....
But we have to consider the risk of going inside the ICU
Is it worth it to be infected ?
Bare in mind that visitors in ICU usually do not follow the hand washing rules

So, a take home message for the day... If u r pregnant and have small kids, stay away from ICU

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Tengku Kekka said...

"relative who is dying in the ICU" is quite a strong will of sending message.. Dont u think Doc? :D I love to read ur posts anyway.. :)