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Monday, January 30, 2012


My body is dehydrated
Easily being infected by all kind of bacteria n virus around me

It has been a while since I get sick
Last time ,
Before I had my tonsil removed... I became sick frequently , due to my acute on chronic tonsillitis
This is the first time since I am tonsil less ... I got sick again

Feverish.... Body ache .... Sore throat ... Headache ... Pretty much sound like viral fever
I already took tamiflu for that
And also cover for bacteria infection with augmentin tablets
This morning, my fren inserted branula into my vein so I could hydrate myself

Now I feel a bit better
But still feel unwell
Still feel tired
Worse case scenario
I am oncall today
The best thing I could do, just hoping that there will be no emergency case tonite , hence I could rest...


laylie mdnoor said...

Poor you..get well soon Nia's dad!

cik lolipop said...

Dr Rahimi yg insert branula...wuuu...rindu kat Dr rahimi a.k.a Dr paling ramah kat HRPZ2...

semoga cepat sembuh Dr Hanan...=)

juliaismail said...

Pity u..get well soon..