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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is wrong with u?

I came across this article in the newspaper this morning
A husband threatened to slaughter his wife due to jealousy

Bloody hell
For crying out loud
If u hate ur wife that much...
File a divorce and find a better one

But then
In this case the husband is a drug addict

Our government should make a new law for this drug abuse people
They should be sentence to jail instead of pusat pemulihan
Better still , send them to the jungle
Start a new life as a Tarzan

I am against drug abuse
I hate those people who is a drug addict
When u r on drugs
U do crazy thing...
Seriously the gov should do something about these people

These drug addict , they are the propel who do all the crime.... Robbery, rape...

The best would be death sentence for those drug addict
Seriously it will solve a lot of problem in our country


sha said...

nice car u had down there. kete apetu?

uncle said...

Dr Saab,

I agree with you. But I suggest, those drug addicts, the pushers and all the king pins, send them to Pulau Bedong or any unhabited islands, far far away from the mainland, maybe several 100 nautical miles away, provide them with some ganja leaves, or seedlings, let them cultivate there and chew their lives away there. How about that. That'll get rid of our society from these troublesome people...