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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sambil Sambil menunggu

In our Malaysian tradition
We all love to visit sick people at tr hospital
It is such a good thing
When one of ur family member is sick
The whole village come and visit
Something that we have been practicing for so many generation .

Nonetheless ,
While u are waiting for ur family member at the hospital
There are many benificial stuffs u could do at the hospital

Let's say if u are waiting for ur mom who is admitted to ward...
During morning time.. While doctors are doing their round
Family members are supposedly to empty the ward
During that period
Why don't u pay a visit at the blood bank
And donate ur blood
It s such a meaningful thing to do

It is not far way from the ward
It is not difficult thing to do
It is not dangerous for sure

If u are just sitting in front of the ward
U r not helping much by that
If u donate ur blood ..
U might have save a life, or two...


misha.w said...

yeah its true. that is what my hubs did. :)

~ataicha~ said...

dah lama tak menderma darah... hmm..

BayuTimur said...

Assalamualaikum Dr, Hope you are in good health, Dr i want to ask u one question, what is the different between the acyclovir 800mg (must be taken 5times daily) and valacyclovir 500mg(must be taken twice daily) as and herpes antiviral?since i found that there are a few differences in the configuration of carbon-ring in its chemical structure.and which one is stronger?tq Dr

Dr Hannan said...

Bayutimur.... Both provide same result