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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby blueeee!!!

Nia on her fav play mat...

When my mrs told me that we need to buy play mat for nia,
I was wondering... What benefit could it bring
What is the difference of playing on the normal mat compared to the playing mat ?
Why do we need to spend few hundred buck to buy something unnecessary ?

But then... Everytime those question come into my mind...
I always remember that ... My mrs , unlike me... She reads a lot about babies... She spends her pregnancy months doing research about raising a child.
Definitely she knows better.
Not that I m a bad father
Man does what man does rite?

So yes., when my wife said we need a play mat... I bought one for nia..
For nia... Price comes second. Satisfaction and quality is number one ! Not that I am bloody rich, I just want the best for nia.

And guess what... Nia loves her play mat
She becomes very excited when we put her on that thing
Yes... Those colorful stuffs makes her happy.
When nia is happy... Mommy n daddy are the happiest people

Sometimes, we ( the husbands) need to listen to our counter part...
Most of the time.... They better listen to us!

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