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Friday, January 06, 2012

Do not do stupid thing

The whole world knows that our Malaysian people is going for riot once again next few days

Yes, we all want freedom
Bla bla bla

But riot is not the answer
We don't want to end up like Egypt and Syria
That is embarrassing and only bring harm to everyone
Nothing good will come from the riot

If u want to protest against the government ,
Do it during the election
No amount of riot can change the government
Even if u burnt down putrajaya
Legally... Barisan nasional is still the ruling party

I am not on any side
Not a big fan of politic
But I know , riot will only cause trouble to our nation
It will cause damage to public property
It will cause injury
And worse case scenario.. Death
We all could avoid this
Please.. Stay home

The election is coming soon anyway
Show what u feel on the voting paper


betty said...

setuju!!!.. seems i stay in kuala lumpur, it's frightened me so much..

last time, i prepare 1 dozen of maggi pack of 5, rice, anchivious, and so on coz worried of darurat..

on dat day also, we can not go to anywhere due to road block.. so sad..
wish it could not b happen again.. so terrible..

annapeje said...

setuju sangat2 :D