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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The replacement

Patah Tumbuh hilang berganti
Now that my baby lancer gt is gone with the wind
The replacement came on the very next day
Didn't give me enough time for grieving .
Nonetheless ... This is my new baby
A hybrid sport car
Always wanted a two door sports car
But last time I remember I wrote here that hybrid car would be my last choice
Until Honda introduced his prince charming
Straight away stole my heart when I saw the launching late last year
Since then I have been working real hard to get this car
Owh yeah.. And it is worth it...
This silver storm crz really make me feel better driving to work everyday
Yeah... I work extra hard everyday saving lives day in and day out
Thank you God for giving me this awesome transport

And due to my work nature..
The tinting process was done at night time
Yeah.. The car completely tinted by 2 am in the morning ... No kidding...

My little girl

Satu hari... Satu peel baru
Another day.. Another new trick
The older she gets.. The more "manje" she is indeed
Few weeks ago she would not even bother when mommy n daddy left her for work
Nowadays.. We have to play hide and seek before go to work
As I come back home everyday.. She is always waiting for me at the front door with a big smile in her fact hat is priceless. !

Monday, July 30, 2012

Officially sold

I love this car a lot
Lancer gt is a good car
It was my first car
And it was a good buy at that time

It is sporty, good looking
Fast and durable
For 4 years I have been driving it
It gave me no problem at all
No mechanical or electrical issue at all
Good engineering by Mitsubishi indeed

Proton ruined the fun n joy I have with my red lancer
The stupid inspira came along
And lancer gt is not exclusive anymore
Hence.. I decided to let go..
And now it belongs to somebody else
A doctor as well
Pls take a good care of him yeah...
I ll be seeing u around
Love u lancer gt!
But I ll never buy any car from mitsubishi or proton ever again

Sunday, July 29, 2012

May God bless him

Rest in peace sir..
A part of me has been taken away.
Just got the news;
Remember I wrote about my good friend back in Moscow...
He suffered from cancer for more than a year ...
Yesterday I got the news that he passed away
It was a bad news
I was hesitated ...
When someone close to u is gone
U could feel something big is missing
Something so influential in my life is now gone forever
My condolence to the family
He treated me well.. Thought me a lot of things in life
He made me the man I am right now
I want to be as good as he is as a person
He is my best friend , a father figure .. A big brother...
Now he is in a better place..

It is a sad moment for the family an for me as well
No word could describe how I feel
I spoke to him last week on the phone
He did nt sound so good back then
But never thought he is gone so fast..
May he rest in peace.
Sir, thank you for everything ..
Thank you...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ramadhan miracle

Hye guys.
Again Soooo sorry for the long absence !

Anyway, remember the post I wrote regarding my friend's baby who was warded in the baby ICU after being delivered with severe complication?

Miracle does happened this time
She recovered well
Responded to the medication given...
And Allah said she is good to to live another days!
Thank u Allah
Thank you guys for all the prayer
The baby is well now and already being discharged home!
This is a miracle

Moral of the story... Never stop praying to Allah
Plus during this ramadhan month..
Allah is extra generous!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy fasting dear reader

Again... I have been absent from this blogger world for a few days
Been a bit busy lately
Preparing for hari raya I reckon :p

Anyway, would like to wish u all happy fasting :))

And update about my friend's baby condition whom I wrote about a few days ago
The baby is getting better
Responding well to the medication
Thank you for all ur prayer
Allah showed mercy to us
Sometimes miracles do happen
And this ramadhan surely bring a lot of happiness for everyone

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

just how much i hate durian

i have the same problem as justin bieber , usher , beyonce and mariah carey
we all hate durian
yup , we dont eat durians , full stop

just to show u how much i dislike durian
i would not eat a single bite of durian even my wife would let me marry another girl
should my wife says  " abang bole kawin satu lagi dengan syarat abg kene makan durian dulu"
i would say  " thanks but no thanks..."
no way in hell i would eat durian
unless the israel prime minister said we will stop killing the palestinian if u eat durian , for the sake of world peace i would eat them , unfortunately for me...

i remember a few years back
one weekend , i went back to my parent house
as i entered the kitchen , i smell something unease to my nose..
the smell of durian.
i said hye to mom , then a said bye bye...
cannot work or stay where there is durian smell....

Prayer for the little one

I just heard the shocking news
My best friend new born baby is currently in nicu ( ICU for babies ) after being delivered.... The baby has complication with the lungs and heart. My buddy is also a doctor , currently pursuing his mastership in kl..
When he heard the news he was still driving home from kl...

The news I heard this morning.. His baby is in a very critical condition. Ventilated with the highest setting and the heart needs four inotropes to keep beating.
As doctors... Me and the father himself understood what that means
We worked together last time at the ICU an we have seen so many similar cases
We pretty much could expect the end result
Regardless of all kind of medication and technology.. There is a higher power up there
In the end of the day.. It it God who decides the fate of the baby
The doctors have done everything they could within their power
Let's pray to God that my friend's baby will survive
Sometimes.. Miracles happened.. And we have seen so many miracles as well bro.
Be strong occay my brother
I ll pay u a visit very soon!!
To all dear readers, let's pray that the baby will keep fighting strong and survive this Battle of life
Dear Allah .. Please help us

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Buasir / hemorrhoid

hi dr.nak tanye boleh? saya malu nk pergi tanya mana2 dr. ni pon sy pick dr randomly. soalan sy adakah normal orang buasir kentut berdarah? dlu sy pernah pergi hospital sbb masalah ni. tp dr cakap saya normal. takde ciri2 buasir yg usus terkeluar dari dubur. bila jumpa pakar, dr cakap saya ade ciri2 buasir peringkat awal. tapi saya pelik sebab walaupun saya tak buang air kenapa darah masih keluar. dan najis berwarna hitam. masalah ni dah berlarutan sejak 2minggu lalu.

my answer :_

yes , it is normal. Biasa bagi orang buasir kentut berdarah
pendarahan buasir disebabkan oleh salur2 darah berdekatan dengan salur najis pecah
pendarahan boleh berlaku semasa buang air atau bila2 masa sahaja bagi org yang ade buasir.
pendarahan tersebut hanya bole dihentikan dengan memakan ubat buasir
kepada pembaca ... saya nasihatkan anda pergi ke hospital untuk mendapatkan rawatan segera bagi menhentikan pendarahan dubur anda.
Ubat seperti Daflon amat berkesan bagi keadaaan anda ini
Daflon digunakan untuk peringkat awal buasir ( peringkat 1 dan 2)
bagi peringkat ke 3 dan ke 4 ... perlukan pembedahan..

Monday, July 16, 2012


Had a busy weekend
Sooo tired
My iPhone spoiled the other day
Somehow for no reason it felt into a pool of water
The speaker was flooded
And mulfuntioned
Hence I bought myself a new phone as a back up...
A blackberry
Now I can bbm as well
Used to be a blackberry user before I got my iPhone
But since the blackberry was always jammed
I changed to iPhone
Let's see how much blackberry has improved in that area after a few years

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am so happy when......

What makes me a very happy man?
When people around me is happy.... I am glad and Very happy
Making people around me smiles all day long is what I live for.....
I ll do whatever it takes.. Whatever it cost
It does not matter
I ll work all day all night long
I ll sleep less
Less for me.. More for other
Give more and I ll expect nothing in return
All I want to be is a happy man

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another fake fb account of me

Occay guys
Kindly spread the news
There is another fake fb account using my photo
This guy use the name of aiman hashim
Not sure what the heck is his purpose
But kindly report him as fake id

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

pantang larang mengandung

evening readers

I received a lot of question regarding types of medication that can be taken during pregnancy
that includes antibiotics , supplements , paracetamol and any kinds of capsule that u can stuff into ur mouth

occay, here is the thing
not all medication are tested on pregnant mother
hence, most of the side effect to pregnancy is not 100 % confirmed
the pharmaceutical company only tested their drugs of pregnant mouse or any other animal
not many pregnant mother volunteer to be a sample of drug test

why people are so concerned about taking medication during pregnancy?
because we are worried that the medication will effect the outcome of our babies
yes, it is true

here is the fact
the most important part of pregnancy is during the first 20 weeks
during these 20 weeks , the organs are started to be formed
we called it organogenesis period
after 20 weeks of gestation the baby is already well formed
so technically , the crucial period is within the first 20 weeks
that is the period when the mothers need to be careful
after 20 weeks , it is all about the growth
any abnormality could be detected by that age....

occay ... back to our topic..
what kind of drugs is dangerous for babies in the womb
practically , all drugs could effect babies
hence , we doctors try to avoid giving meds to pregnant ladies
not that the medication will surely effect the babies
in case shit happen... people like to blame doctors and our medication
therefore , to avoid any complication and dealing with lawyers
we prefer to take to safe steps

if the pregnant lady is really sick
we will give the medication needed
the mother life comes first
baby is number two

i have seen so many cases...
a pregnant ladies who is sick
given so many antibiotics
given so many other medication
and she delivered a healthy baby eventually

i have seen a pregnant doctors
who did operation under image intensifiers
( image intensifiers is like x ray , with larger radiation dose )
and she delivered a perfectly healthy baby a month ago

so yes,
based on my experience so far
i have seen no case of ill fated babies caused by medication taken by mothers during pregnancy
or by radiation

but i have seen a lot of abnormal babies delivered by mothers who are smokers :))

my little girl - maher zain

You are a miracle
You are a blessing from above
You brought joy to my soul
And pleasure to my eyes
In my heart I can feel it
An unexplainable feeling
Being a father
The best thing that I could ever ask for

Just thinking of you makes me smile
Holding you, looking in your eyes
I’m so grateful for having you
And everyday I pray
I pray that you’ll find your way

 You know I love you, I love you
My little girl, my little girl
I ask God to bless you, and protect you always
My little girl, my little girl
You’re like a shining star
So beautiful you are
My baby girl
You light up my world
I pray that I’ll get the chance
To be around and watch you grow
And witness your first steps
And the first time when you will call me “daddy”

I could spend hours watching you
You’re so innocent, so wonderful and pure
O God I can not express my gratitude!
But I’ll raise her good, ‘cause all I want is to please You
And now I pray You’ll guide her steps forever

happy bday akak

happy birthday to my beloved sister...  mak cik merah
lots of love from me n shida and also baby nia

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Durian tale

One fine evening at the hospital

Me : guys , let's go dinner
Crazy girl : come , I am super hungry
Crazy guy : jommmm gear box

Me : delightful
Crazy girl : let's stop by the road side for durian
Crazy guy : good idea
Me : no bloody way !

Crazy girl : why u don't eat durian ?
Me : does beyonce eats durian ?


Azrine Aziz has left a new comment on your post "Baby nia is a great teacher!":

Salam Dr,
Im sorry for asking few questions under this post tho they're not related at all hehe.

Btw if u dont mind sharing :
1. Katakan a pregnant mom all this while pergi check-up at private clinic/hospital but at last (arnd 8 mths) she decided to deliver at GH. Would GH accept her? If yes what is the procedure to reg at GH?
2. How much does the delivery cost normal & ceaser ? (she's a housewife and her husband kerja swasta)

Thanks doc for sharing :)

That's actually a good question.

Answers :))

No 1
Yes u can . To deliver at any GH. The simplest way is to go to the labour room when ur wife is in labour. At GH, we have to accept all case , regardless of where u do ur antenatal check up.
If u want to continue ur check up at government clinic, just go to any Klinik kesihatan ibu Dan anak nearby you. They must accept ur case . If they refuse , kindly let me know... :)

No 2.

The cost for normal delivery at government hospital is as cheap as free! Yes.. Just need to pay for registration... Just a few ringgits.
Even for c section.. It would cost u minimal amount.. Not sure about the exact amount .. But it is definitely less that ur car monthly installment ..

But then again.. Reminder for everyone... It is cheap at government hospital ... So do not expect private hospital service yeah :))

U want better service.. Pay more :) go to private hospitals :))

Baby nia is a great teacher!

I miss my baby nia
Being apart from her is sometimes unbearable
She is so cute.
When she wakes up in the morning...
As soon as she opens her eyes..
She will scan the room looking for me
When she finally get a glimpse of smile ..
She will then smile happy and claps her little hand together
That would be the cutest thing...
Those small fingers...
She is an angel

She thought me a lot of thing
She thought me to wake up in the morning with a smile
Frankly, I am not a morning person
Prior to this, I want my morning to be silence and quite
Hate talking in the morning
I want to start my day listening to the wind blowing and the birds chirping ..

But nia changed the situation upside down.
I woke up in the morning with a big smile on my face as soon as I see her cute little face
Cuddling with her mother.
That is so comforting :)
Waking up in the morning with ur loved ones beside u.. That is priceless

When we both awake.. It won't take baby nia long before she opens her eyes as well.
She needs to feel somebody presence by her side when she is sleeping
Or else she will become restless
But then she only did that when mommy and daddy are around
When we r both oncall, her granny said she could sleep alone by herself in the room . Smart kiddo indeed :)

How could u not miss that little child rite ?

Do u know what I do when I miss my little princess...?
I ll mumbled to myself .. Calling her name... Niaa ... Shakira... Baby nia..
All by myself as she is in front of me ...
Even thou she is not physically nearby me... When I say her name .. I could see her smiling :))

Monday, July 09, 2012

All the small thing

In marriage , there are things that we dislike about our partner
Owh come on guys ...
Stop lying to urselves
A real marriage is not a wonderland.
There are fighting .. There are disagreement and a lot of unresolved issue

All of these divided into 2
The small thing..
And the big thingy.

The small things - For guys, throwing ur dirty clothes everywhere ... Never clean the the toilet... Didnt bother to change ur baby diapers..

These are the small or little things that ur partner dislike about u. But these small things are bearable at most times. Hardly cause war between husband and wife.

The big thingy - irresponsible of family need - emotionally and economically ... Respecting each other parents ... These are big issue.. These could cause divorce !

I don't want to talk about big thingy here ... U have ur lawyer and parents to lecture on that part

Nevertheless , what we forgotten is .. The small thingy.. When accumulated .. Could become a big thing if left unresolved.

This goes to the husbands and wives..

Come on guys , once in a while.. Get ur hand dirty... Play around with the vacuum cleaner. Clean the whole living room.... Mop the floor.. Do the dishes .. These small things mean a lot to ur other half. Believe me on that !

And ladies ...
If u partner just come back home from work ... Let him rest.. If he throws his dirty socks everywhere on the sofa .. Pick it up with a smile ... Serve him beverages... That will earn u a nice dinner latter on.

We must try to be reasonable to each other
We must work harder to be a better partner
Try to make each other happy
Give and take
Give more and expect less .

Guys .. Spend a few mins to indulge ur wife ... Ask her about her work..
Ask her if she needs anything..
Ask her what she wants to eat..
It is not everyday ur wife wants to have macaroons rite ?

And ladies ...
Don't ask anything...
Just keep smiling
If ur man wants to talk
He will talk
If he keeps quite.. He just want to rest

Yup.. It is a reminder for me
And maybe u could pick up a thing or two from this
I am no expert
But I know the rules of happy family
The hard part is to follow them!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Neelofa vs Tasha shila vs anzalna

Currently watching Karoot komedia
My baby girl fav tv show
But she is dead asleep rite now

Apparently anzalna is one of performers on the show
She looks stunning
She is one of my fav actress currently
My top 3 would be neelofa, Tasha shila and anzalna of course .
Who is the prettiest among them..
My magic Mirrow said Tasha shila would take the beauty queen crown
Neelofa is cute but too bad she is a bit short
But still pretty.
The hot steamy sexy medal goes to anzalna definitely ... Love her lips and hair..

Owh yeah ... Another post that would tick off my other half
No worry dear.. I would not trade u for any of them
U r prettier by a dozen...
And u gave me baby nia
That is priceless :)

Ella got married

I m a big fan of her
I m happy that she finally find her mr right
Took her quite a while
46 years to be exact
But what the hell.. She is still look youthful at that age.. Not many of us could look that young when we reach 40

For me, 40 years old is just a perfect age
By that time .. Most men are economically stable , still in good health ... And age does makes man more handsome and desirable in many ways
Owh my wife gonna hate this statement !


made  a phone call to a friend who is currently working at the HQ
by HQ i mean health ministry at the putrajaya
he used to be a doctor as i am right now
currently he is a ketua penolong pengarah.

sound cool for a 30 years old man

funny thing is , i could have the same position
technically , i m getting my UD 48 very soon
and with that grade , i am automatically could be promoted as a KPP
should i move to Putrajaya of course

sound very tempting
y? coz u dont have to deal with the little annoying thing at the hospital

dont get me wrong
i love treating people
it is my passion
but then , the administration that always tick me off
i dont want to go into detail about this issue
but it is killing me right now

hence, i am dreading to go to putrajaya
the people up there say that they could send me the offer letter at anytime
i just need to say the magic word ..."please save me ":

but then .
it is not an easy decision to make

it is not about money
it is not about higher cost of living
it is not about pollution...
none of those bother me at all

i have a family here
my mother and father
i left them for 6 years when i studied abroad last time
figured that i ll take care of them when i started working at my home soil

wish i could bring them with me to putrajaya
however , knowing them so well
no bloody way they would leave their home for something new  at their age right now

Saturday, July 07, 2012

far far away kingdom...

was chatting a new friend...

friend :  so doctor , where are u from?

me : kelantan ...

friend : owh.. jauhhh tu.....

me : yeah... the far far away kingdom ... we even have shrek here... and talking cats...

correct intravenous injection technique

regarding my previous post
i received this honest question from a reader
Blogger babycomel said...
errrk, 'if the injection is not done properly' how we know it was not done properly doctor?? if we had the complication we can assume that the injection was not done properly la ye? alamak, takutnya
Jul 7, 2012 1:53:00 AM

occay, here is the thing
for doctors , intravenous injection supposed to be a simple task as it is something we do everyday.
hence, we are good at it. ( we are not talking about houseman here - housemen are new doctors who are still learning , hence they may not be as good in doing this  - no offence )

anyway , there are rules to follow when doing intravenous injection. u need to follow these rules to avoid any undesirable complication.

firstly , the site of injection. the best site of intravenous injection would be the cubital area. nevertheless in some cases , the vein is not visible - hence the experience of a doctor is needed here to find the visible vein.

when the vein is located , tourniquet is applied to stop to blood flow at the area , then the site is sterilized using alcohol swab.

selection of correct needle size and syringe size is crucial in order not to damage the vein. Too big , u will destroy the vein , too small , it will be difficult to administered drugs into the vein.

the most crucial part is when injecting the drug into the vein. if u doing it straight from the syringe n needle into the vein - without the help of branula or butterfly ... u must have a very steady hand to make sure that the needle will not slip from inside the vein . a little movement could make the needle slips outside the vein , and that will cause a lot of pain and swelling....

occay , that is pretty much the rules u have to follow , the correct way of intravenous injection
sound easy isnt it?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Complication of vitamin c injection

I received a lot of question regarding this issue

The simple answer would be, no- vitamin c injection has no complication if it is being done correctly and done by doctors

In our country only doctors are allowed to do intravenous injection. Not even head of nurses of malaya.

Vitamin c injection is basically the same as the vitamin c tablet as u could buy from ur local pharmacy or even at kedai mamak nowadays. It has the same function. But different concentration and onset. Definitely if u take the injection, the dose is higher and the effect is a lot better compared to the tablet.

Same situation in the hospital, we use injection for antibiotic , instead of tablet for better action and rapid onset.

What are the benefit of vitamin c ? Plenty ... Go google in the wikipedia. But most people take vitamin c injection for cosmetic purpose, to make their skin more radiance and prettier ... Which is proven and works miracle for some reason.

Nevertheless, as any other injection... If the injection is not done properly, there are many complication. U could have infection, skin irritation, inflammation ... Hence forward... If u want to do any kind of injection... Ask a doctor to do it for u....

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy birthday papa

It was a belated birthday gift for my papa birthday
We stopped counting his age long time ago. What matter is the day and month. The years is long forgotten.
As long he is healthy ... I consider him as a 40 years old man.

Yes, people said that I resembled my papa a lot.
All of his friends told me that I look exactly like him when papa was still young. Even mama said i am the younger version of papa. Honestly, I could not deny that. We do resembled a lot. Physically and mentally as well I reckon..

Along with the physical appearance , I inherited his attitude as well.
Hardworking , loving , family always comes first , charming and my least favorite ... Hot tampered at times. Oh yes ... Hate to admit it... But I got that from my papa.
When I was a teenager and when I finished school, I become rebellious and I had fights with my papa. Not physically of course .
We are both bull headed ...
Lucky my mama always came thru and cool things off
But deep down inside , I love my father. And I m sure he feels the same way too
Happy birthday papa

quinny zapp extra adapter

quinny zapp xtra adapter

someway , somehow we lost this part of baby nia stroller
dont ask how and why
it is gone
now i need to find the replacement for the adapter
found a few on the net , on ebay
they are selling this part for about RM100  not including postage
hence if u have any info where i could get this in malaysia
kindly let me know
thank you guys

icu is now open for business

dear tanah merah citizen
Our ICU is now open for business
yeah , a big smile for me as i LOVE ICU so much
has not been in ICU for 6 month
since i left the GH

not that i love watching people die in ICU
i love the thrill and the adrenaline rush when we are saving life
yes, those thing u see on tv...
the heart defibrilator ,
blood on the floor and all over our clothes
yeap... sound crazy , but that feeling make me feel alive
saving life makes me feel good
it makes my life matter
but make no mistake
it is not doctor who decide who dies and who keep breathing
we are just the medium
sometimes we succeed .. then everyone is happy
sometimes , we failed and we feel miserable and it would be a very sad moment for everyone
nonetheless, we always do our best

I pray to ALLAH
with the opening of our ICU
we are able to treat more patients
we are able to do better
saves more life
do more operations

a wise man once said
" everyone should be happy if they see the anaest is not doing anything ( anaest = doktor bius )  , it means nobody is dying. Smiling anaest = people is still alive and well "
in this case we are talking about the ICU :)

so, keep praying to ALLAH
that I ll always be smiling here
meaning nobody is dying here!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Digi or maxis

I need another phone.
For business purposes of course
And it must be a blackberry since everyone is soooo into bbm these days
I used to be a blackberry user long time ago when bbm was first introduced , back when blackberry doesn't even have 3G connection yet.

One thing I hate the most about blackberry is that they always hang. For no valid reason, the screen suddenly stood still and do nothing. That is the most irritating part. U have to remove the battery and reboot it all over again. But I am not sure about the latest blackberry, either it has improved or getting worse.

Yet and still, I m gonna need one. People love to contact each other via bbm nowadays, it is like a trend... " don't call me, just bbm occay ! ".
" bye, I ll bbm u later! "
" I hate u liar ! Don't u ever bbm me again"
" baby I love u , u r the first people I bbm when I wake up every morning"

Just to show how people love bbm.

Hence foward, I ll get myself another blackberry very soon I reckon. The old one is gone, I don't know where I put it. Not sure which one I ll get , curve or bold.

The only thing bugging me right now is to choose either maxis or digi as the service provider. Currently I m using Celcom and there are moment Celcom really put me off, hence I need an alternative .

Anyone has any suggestion? Should I use maxis... Or digi? Mmmmm

Monday, July 02, 2012

Ot birthday celebration

The birthday party keep coming!
Another cake today :)
Love u guys ...

Sayang la plak nak pergi dari sini nanti.... Alahai

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dapat Bini dua pon x nak ....

I am having a really bad flu rite now..
The flu is soooo irritating

I even said this to my nurses just now...

" bila dah Hidung tersumbat ni... Kasi la ape2 pon semua dah x nak... Mood dah hilang... Kasi Bini 2 pon x nak dah kalau asyik cari tisu nak Buang hingus ni.... "

Just to show how irritating flu could be

A fresh start

Well...not so fresh actually
I m down with fever n flu
Not the best condition to start my week

But I m thankful that I am still alive !!!

Flu is very irritating
Makes us uncomfortable
And makes people around us uncomfortable to be around us as well

Most commonly flu is caused by vital infection
Hence it could not the treated with antibiotic
Usually when u r having a very bad flu and bad fever, the best medication to be taken is the anti virus such as tamiflu...
But then tamiflu is a very expensive drug.
And hardly prescribed in the government hospital
Because in many cases viral fever resolved by itself
No medication is needed
Like they say... Time heal everything!

Not sure why the tamiflu is very expensive here
Back in Moscow we have a cheap and very effective anti virus... I forgot the name.. Will check it later . But that drug is not available in our country pharmacy ...
And no... It is not called kaspersky or dr Solomon ... That antivirus is worthless against influenza virus