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Monday, July 09, 2012

All the small thing

In marriage , there are things that we dislike about our partner
Owh come on guys ...
Stop lying to urselves
A real marriage is not a wonderland.
There are fighting .. There are disagreement and a lot of unresolved issue

All of these divided into 2
The small thing..
And the big thingy.

The small things - For guys, throwing ur dirty clothes everywhere ... Never clean the the toilet... Didnt bother to change ur baby diapers..

These are the small or little things that ur partner dislike about u. But these small things are bearable at most times. Hardly cause war between husband and wife.

The big thingy - irresponsible of family need - emotionally and economically ... Respecting each other parents ... These are big issue.. These could cause divorce !

I don't want to talk about big thingy here ... U have ur lawyer and parents to lecture on that part

Nevertheless , what we forgotten is .. The small thingy.. When accumulated .. Could become a big thing if left unresolved.

This goes to the husbands and wives..

Come on guys , once in a while.. Get ur hand dirty... Play around with the vacuum cleaner. Clean the whole living room.... Mop the floor.. Do the dishes .. These small things mean a lot to ur other half. Believe me on that !

And ladies ...
If u partner just come back home from work ... Let him rest.. If he throws his dirty socks everywhere on the sofa .. Pick it up with a smile ... Serve him beverages... That will earn u a nice dinner latter on.

We must try to be reasonable to each other
We must work harder to be a better partner
Try to make each other happy
Give and take
Give more and expect less .

Guys .. Spend a few mins to indulge ur wife ... Ask her about her work..
Ask her if she needs anything..
Ask her what she wants to eat..
It is not everyday ur wife wants to have macaroons rite ?

And ladies ...
Don't ask anything...
Just keep smiling
If ur man wants to talk
He will talk
If he keeps quite.. He just want to rest

Yup.. It is a reminder for me
And maybe u could pick up a thing or two from this
I am no expert
But I know the rules of happy family
The hard part is to follow them!

1 comment:

ain j said...

Damn true doc. Marriage can never be a wonderland. I'm not married yet but I know the atmosphere.

Yeah, mom and dad used to had a fight over the 'small things' :)

I found it cute when dad started to pick his cloth when mom rolled her eyes bigger and bigger :)