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Sunday, July 29, 2012

May God bless him

Rest in peace sir..
A part of me has been taken away.
Just got the news;
Remember I wrote about my good friend back in Moscow...
He suffered from cancer for more than a year ...
Yesterday I got the news that he passed away
It was a bad news
I was hesitated ...
When someone close to u is gone
U could feel something big is missing
Something so influential in my life is now gone forever
My condolence to the family
He treated me well.. Thought me a lot of things in life
He made me the man I am right now
I want to be as good as he is as a person
He is my best friend , a father figure .. A big brother...
Now he is in a better place..

It is a sad moment for the family an for me as well
No word could describe how I feel
I spoke to him last week on the phone
He did nt sound so good back then
But never thought he is gone so fast..
May he rest in peace.
Sir, thank you for everything ..
Thank you...

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