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Thursday, July 05, 2012

icu is now open for business

dear tanah merah citizen
Our ICU is now open for business
yeah , a big smile for me as i LOVE ICU so much
has not been in ICU for 6 month
since i left the GH

not that i love watching people die in ICU
i love the thrill and the adrenaline rush when we are saving life
yes, those thing u see on tv...
the heart defibrilator ,
blood on the floor and all over our clothes
yeap... sound crazy , but that feeling make me feel alive
saving life makes me feel good
it makes my life matter
but make no mistake
it is not doctor who decide who dies and who keep breathing
we are just the medium
sometimes we succeed .. then everyone is happy
sometimes , we failed and we feel miserable and it would be a very sad moment for everyone
nonetheless, we always do our best

I pray to ALLAH
with the opening of our ICU
we are able to treat more patients
we are able to do better
saves more life
do more operations

a wise man once said
" everyone should be happy if they see the anaest is not doing anything ( anaest = doktor bius )  , it means nobody is dying. Smiling anaest = people is still alive and well "
in this case we are talking about the ICU :)

so, keep praying to ALLAH
that I ll always be smiling here
meaning nobody is dying here!

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