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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Neelofa vs Tasha shila vs anzalna

Currently watching Karoot komedia
My baby girl fav tv show
But she is dead asleep rite now

Apparently anzalna is one of performers on the show
She looks stunning
She is one of my fav actress currently
My top 3 would be neelofa, Tasha shila and anzalna of course .
Who is the prettiest among them..
My magic Mirrow said Tasha shila would take the beauty queen crown
Neelofa is cute but too bad she is a bit short
But still pretty.
The hot steamy sexy medal goes to anzalna definitely ... Love her lips and hair..

Owh yeah ... Another post that would tick off my other half
No worry dear.. I would not trade u for any of them
U r prettier by a dozen...
And u gave me baby nia
That is priceless :)


farhana said...

Anzalna, not Anzalya :)

blog-tips-kurus said...

hamboiiii 'doktor saabb'!!!! (>.<)

mummamiahaha said...

hahha.anzalna look like memey kan?but memey more prettay than her..wateva it is i choose neelofa =)) cntik tnpa make up gtu

Dr Hannan said...

Farhana... Thanks for the correction ..

Mummi .... Muka neelota bnyk sgt kt kelantan nj