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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ramadhan miracle

Hye guys.
Again Soooo sorry for the long absence !

Anyway, remember the post I wrote regarding my friend's baby who was warded in the baby ICU after being delivered with severe complication?

Miracle does happened this time
She recovered well
Responded to the medication given...
And Allah said she is good to to live another days!
Thank u Allah
Thank you guys for all the prayer
The baby is well now and already being discharged home!
This is a miracle

Moral of the story... Never stop praying to Allah
Plus during this ramadhan month..
Allah is extra generous!!!


nask said...

glad to know that. Be well Ahmad Affan

~~Ap Hasnida~~ said...

hi doc..agree with u..Allah is everything..never stop praying to HIM..i also have my miracle...AHMAD IRFAN SYAHMI ---> delivered with occipital enchapeloce..n the doc said he only will survive abt 14 days..but alhamdulillah da 9 bulan..thanx Allah