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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The replacement

Patah Tumbuh hilang berganti
Now that my baby lancer gt is gone with the wind
The replacement came on the very next day
Didn't give me enough time for grieving .
Nonetheless ... This is my new baby
A hybrid sport car
Always wanted a two door sports car
But last time I remember I wrote here that hybrid car would be my last choice
Until Honda introduced his prince charming
Straight away stole my heart when I saw the launching late last year
Since then I have been working real hard to get this car
Owh yeah.. And it is worth it...
This silver storm crz really make me feel better driving to work everyday
Yeah... I work extra hard everyday saving lives day in and day out
Thank you God for giving me this awesome transport

And due to my work nature..
The tinting process was done at night time
Yeah.. The car completely tinted by 2 am in the morning ... No kidding...


Mummy Hanny said...

Yg ni k.fathin panggil 'kete dating'...

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