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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

just how much i hate durian

i have the same problem as justin bieber , usher , beyonce and mariah carey
we all hate durian
yup , we dont eat durians , full stop

just to show u how much i dislike durian
i would not eat a single bite of durian even my wife would let me marry another girl
should my wife says  " abang bole kawin satu lagi dengan syarat abg kene makan durian dulu"
i would say  " thanks but no thanks..."
no way in hell i would eat durian
unless the israel prime minister said we will stop killing the palestinian if u eat durian , for the sake of world peace i would eat them , unfortunately for me...

i remember a few years back
one weekend , i went back to my parent house
as i entered the kitchen , i smell something unease to my nose..
the smell of durian.
i said hye to mom , then a said bye bye...
cannot work or stay where there is durian smell....

1 comment:

Adriana Iskandar said...

durian...durian...durian~,,dulu sy suka skrang xdah,,,,loya...hahahahk...