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Saturday, May 29, 2010

the silver lining

it has been a tough week for me...
so many bad events happened at the same time...
luckily, i have my family and my dear frens at my side..
rite when i needed them the most

slowly, i'm seeing the silver lining..

what i have lost... very unlikely to be recovered..
but it opens space for new one,

it reminds me that. .. nothing last forever.

and for the past few days..
i learned a lot of thing about life...
what happened a week ago,
has made me a better man ( i supposed )
bad thing happened for a reason..
but that doesnt mean i want bad thing happened to me.
it was a terrible period of time.
but i'm milking the best out of it,

thank you everyone for ur help and support.

i'm glad that u guys are always there for me..

u are my silver lining ,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sigh....god please help me...

i once said, if life gives u lemon... go n make a lemonade from it. Well, easier said than done! I'm currently hit by series of unfortunate events. What happened? I do not want to mention it here. All i know, rite now - my life is suck. I wish i could say otherwise, but this is for real. I need helps, i needs people around me to give me reasons to keep on going. God, bless me, and forgive all my sins... And help me please....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

my ego

It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It wont fit
It's too much
It's too tough
He talks like this
Cuz he can back it up
He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
I love his big ego
It's too much
He walks like this
Cuz he can back it up

well, those what beyonce said about men and their ego!
a man, must have ego.
it's a very crucial part of being a true man.
but not too much...
just enough ego , to show that u have ur own stand ,
and u will fight for ur right , hence no one would bully u around..

and of course, ladies want men with ego..
men with no ego , totally gay!

me myself , have a huge ego...
trust me.
but i dont simply showed it around.
if u hit the wrong button...
u gonna see my ego side.
and trust me... even me myself hate to see my own ego
but, it's a part of me...
i am what i am rite now, because of my ego.
my success, my failure - the ego plays and important part in it

nonetheless, remember
ego is like salt and sugar in our daily life.
without salt n sugar in food..
everything will be tasteless..
but too much of them...
u'll get diabetic and hypertension!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

folic acid for pregnancy

Yes.... , to ladies who just get married and plan to get pregnant soon, u have to take the folic acid supplement before u get pregnant... about 1-2 months before u get pregnant.
So, u could start taking folic acid about 1 month before u get married :P

why do pregnant ladies need extra folic acid?

well, when u are getting pregnant , the mother will produce more blood ( red blood cells )
folic acid level in ur body will reduce , in the process...
folic acid is a vital component in development of baby skull, brain and spine...
hence, folate acid deficiency could cause such unfortunate event such as anancephaly , as i mentioned in my previous post

we do get folic acid in our daily food intake. folic acid, is also known as the vitamin B9, can be found in spinach, lettuce, beans and fruits.
but , for those who are getting pregnant, u gonna need extra folic acid. So, get some from the nearest pharmacy.

a study also showed that, folic acid help to prevent heart disease and stroke...

So, to the future mothers , take folic acid when u think u are about to get pregnant :)
there is no harm in taking this supplement as long as u follow the dosage!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

getting pregnant?

this is what happened to ur baby if u didnt consume enough folic acid before getting pregnant.
the photo above showed a baby with condition called as the anencephaly ; result from the neural tube defect...

most baby who are borned like this, wont live long...
this kind of baby is borned with incomplete brain, cranium and scalp.

so, if u just get married, make sure u take ur supplement... folic acid.. bla bla bla..


i wonder

for the past one month, i ve been gaining a lot of weight
less sport, and my parent was staying at my house all the while my niece was admitted..
so, my mother had been taking care of my daily meals..
and i have been eating a lot..

plus.. less badminton , more golf..
and golf - not helping much in burning calories compared to badminton or futsal

so, here's the plan..
me not gonna eat rice for the next one month until my birthday..
and gonna go jogging as frequent as possible..

yes, less rice... more salad... and other things... which not containing rice..

i wanna to get back in shape..

must look awesome for my birthday party...
talking about my birthday party...still thinking of having one hell of a party this year...
last year we celebrated at hard rock kl..
this year? ... any idea??

mmm.... maybe somewhere outside KL...

still thinking...

my birthday wish?

i just want a good health and become super rich :)

Dear God , make me healthy and wealthy

Monday, May 17, 2010

babies.... and more babies

not mine , yet!

I'm currently away from the medical department.
starting a fresh new life at the paediatric wards.
currently i'm at the neonatal ward...

i'm not an expert with baby and small children.
i remember, when my nephew umar slept with me ( the parent was the hospital , taking care of the sister )
he cried almost 3 times at night until the morning.
everytime he cried , he just grabbed my hand and forced me to wake up..
but, me being me - i couldnt be bothered less...
i just ignored him.. and continue my sleep...
his yelling was like a lullaby to my ears
but it's my way to teach him .... i called it " tough love"

so, the next day, he only woke up and cried 2 times....

the 3rd day , he didnt even cried at all... he slept soundly and comfortably by my side...

and the on the 4th day, he didnt make any sound at all... i woke up at 6 am , he was sleeping on the floor, couldnt recall when he felt down from the bed.... no injury thou...
and yet, he slept well on the carpet...

hence, being at the neonatal ward , with 30 babies crying at the same time, i could nt care less...

just doing my job... just trying to finish the day and want to send all the babies back home to their mother... no more than that...

but then, earlier this morning,
i took one baby out from her cradle and the treatment cradle as i needed to take her blood ...
as i was holding her ,
her cute little fingers , play with my tie and my name tag...
suddenly, i felt warmth and love glowing inside me...
it's such a great feeling..
of all sudden, working with the babies become so meaningful..
looking at their cute faces... just lighten up my days....

i'm loving my job....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

what had happened

it had been a very busy month for the family...
the picture above explained everything.
the hospital has become the 2nd house to my family members
( but for me it's no 1 home :p )

my niece has been admitted to the hospital since nearly a month ago due to the injury she sustained on her left eye...
it was caused by a stupid kid who threw a wood stick to her,
which eventually - made her cant see thru her left eye rite now

today she's undergoing an operation
to remove the blood clots in her eyes...

her full story at