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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i wonder

for the past one month, i ve been gaining a lot of weight
less sport, and my parent was staying at my house all the while my niece was admitted..
so, my mother had been taking care of my daily meals..
and i have been eating a lot..

plus.. less badminton , more golf..
and golf - not helping much in burning calories compared to badminton or futsal

so, here's the plan..
me not gonna eat rice for the next one month until my birthday..
and gonna go jogging as frequent as possible..

yes, less rice... more salad... and other things... which not containing rice..

i wanna to get back in shape..

must look awesome for my birthday party...
talking about my birthday party...still thinking of having one hell of a party this year...
last year we celebrated at hard rock kl..
this year? ... any idea??

mmm.... maybe somewhere outside KL...

still thinking...

my birthday wish?

i just want a good health and become super rich :)

Dear God , make me healthy and wealthy

1 comment:

Melodica said...

eat well.rightful portion.
u dun have to diet.

just eat modestly.stop before its full.