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Friday, July 27, 2007

still alive and kickin'

this is how the burberry team gonna be!
who said burberry has no player??? WOW... that's a big statement! hahahahha... to all burberry players and fans out there, - no worry guys , 11 august 2007 at sport planet ampang KL, the truth gonna be unveil, and the champ gonna be crowned!!!... Just wait!

- ini adalah kata2 semangat semata2 bagi mengisi masa lapang dan memerahkan blog kak red
at real madrid stadium, Santiago bernebau
I'm still alive here in MALAYSIA tercinta. Even thou i hardly update my blog, but i really miss all my frens out there, all my readers. Not that i'm not into blogging anyway, but , like i said before, the internet speed here in Malaysia really put me off. I'm sick rite now, having fever n flu. ( ni mesti infection dari kak red!). Tomorrow, I have to attend my school reunion at the resort and with my current condition, I'm not in the right mood to have fun and have a good conversation. All i want to do rite now, get a pillow and sleep, and now.... I'm going to sleep... tata...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

burberry vs red diva

11 august 2007
sport planet- ampang
8.00pm (sharp!!!)

burberry vs red diva!
burberry team.... pls contact me!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hey, I'm HOME

hey everyone. I'm back in Malaysia. Yes, it's hot here. But same as in Spain, freaking hot there too! Anyway, since the internet connection here is pretty slow and i'm not used to it yet, i couldnt be bothered to upload my photos from the eurotour yet. Maybe after few more days. To all my frens who want to contact me , pls email me ok? I'll send u my hp no coz some ppl said it's not safe to publish ur hp no on the net. So, that's all for now. I'll be back again!

p/s - the burberry game against red diva is still on. ! 11 august 2007. Those who wanna join my team pls email me ok!