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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hey, I'm HOME

hey everyone. I'm back in Malaysia. Yes, it's hot here. But same as in Spain, freaking hot there too! Anyway, since the internet connection here is pretty slow and i'm not used to it yet, i couldnt be bothered to upload my photos from the eurotour yet. Maybe after few more days. To all my frens who want to contact me , pls email me ok? I'll send u my hp no coz some ppl said it's not safe to publish ur hp no on the net. So, that's all for now. I'll be back again!

p/s - the burberry game against red diva is still on. ! 11 august 2007. Those who wanna join my team pls email me ok!


Red Mummy said...


still not enaf team meh??

kwang kwang kwang...

tempat dah kompem, maghrib kat tpt tuh, and terus hit at 8pm, kita x nak rugi masa dek non oi....

akak dah smsed engko, kompem x jwb, x de kredit lah tuh, sure mentenet ngan shidah je kan..

ya callo!

turun kl, carik akak!

miLLa said...

hanan, me n mr kambeng wanna join ur team.mane nyer email?

Equilibrium said...

woit...aku ttp striker utama okkk..xpon defender nak guard red diva..aku dah tau a[a kelemahan dia..ngeh ngeh ngeh

mummysyafie said...

tak lama lagi nak balik malaysia kan