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Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy birthday to me!!! 28 June

"Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come"
28 JUNE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! Yes, I'm getting older. A year older doesnt seems to be a big deal rite now. NO PROBLEMO! Anyway, 28 JUNE, a day to cheerish (for me!). Thanks to Allah, for giving me a long prosperity ,wonderful, full of blessing life. I'm so grateful. I'm so lucky to stand where I am today. I'm so happy for what I have achived until today. I'm so grateful that God has given me so many golden chances and wonderful opportunity in my life. But, the best of me, is yet to come!
Yesterday, after the testimonial futsal match for QZ, we all had a party to celebrate my bday. Thanks to Shida my Baby for organizing everything. Thanks for the lovely party. thanks for the delicious foods and thanks for the awesome bday cake. For the 1st time in my life, I really like eating my own bday cake! ( just cant get enuf of the cake! - I'm lovin it)

I would like to thank everyone for all the bday wishes. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Thank you to Kak Red for making a special entry for my birthday. Thank you for all my frens who attended my party last nite. Thanks to everyone who took a bit of their precious time to give me a call to wish me happy birthday. Thanks for all the sms-es. Thanks for all the comments at the friendster. Thanks a lot for the email. Wow, I'm so suprised. I'm so happy to have u all as my frens. I'm so grateful to know every single one of u. I'm so glad!. My feeling rite now just cant be described by words.

So, that was it. Another year in MOSCOW!!!. 5th year med student is a history now. 22 years old boy is also a history. WOW.... time really flew so fast. Tomorrow, on 29June, I'll be leaving for my eurotrip. I'll be flying to Frankfurt Germany to meet with Aqilah and Hasnun there. After that, gonna go to Colonge to meet with Jebon ( ex-farisian , ex-basketball teamates). - and after that, the list goes on. until 13 july, I'll be back to Moscow again, then on 14 july - flying back home... TO Malaysia tercinta. I just cant wait to get home rite now.

ok, now back to business. The futsal match against red divas is still on. The date is still 11 august until today. No change yet. The place isnt confirmed yet. But , rite now- the burberry team consist of me , kak faizah, kak wawa, sayda, equil, +mystery man and whoever who want to join the Burberry team, u are most welcome. Just come and wear white shirt! We gonna trash the Red Divas... oooyyeaaaahhh
p/s - happy bday to sayda too!!!


^eMiKo^ said...

getting older eh.. heh.. goodluck in wutever you do doctor to be!

Adilin said...

Hannan, Happy belated Birthday!
heheh, sorry...lewat sehari.

oo, maghi jale jerman ko? x singgah karlsruhe ke? kawe duk sebelah selatan, intan(effa) kt nun jauh di utara, dekat border denmark.

selamat bercuti.

p/s: kawe pn main futsal, heh.

Hannan said...

hye adilin.
nanti pergi frankfurt n colonge jer..
yg lain2 x sempat nak ;pergi kot
jom la join futsal!

ween said...

Hey You...

Happiest Belated *22nd?* Birthday
to you...

Wishing You All the Best in life here and after

Red Mummy said...

nan..kalo x cukup orang, leh pinjam players akak yang dah q sampai 30 orang tuh...


Anonymous said...

hai there..
btw, happy belated bday yea..
tks coz dropping by my bloggie..hehe..lovely bloggie..uweekkss..

i did read reg the futsal match tis coming august..but, sorry to say, i'm also a big fan of

but, still kak RED tak invite i pun..hehe (camna nak invite she dosent know me..)

dun worry, i will come and watch your's an event tat everybody looking forward too rite?

majulah sukan untuk bloggie ppl!!


drNO said...

happy b'day

izaida said...

happy birthday bro... :D sorry for the belated wish...yg penting tanda ingatan kan??? :D

pearlEJ said...

happy birthday han... ucap siap2 walaupun next week baru betul.. :D

mummysyafie said...

bufday nan n shida dekat2 yer...