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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The finale

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt".-William Shakespeare
Less than 24 hours before my first final exam started, I'm still here, in front of my laptop - updating my blog. Y? not becoz i have finish revising or there is nothing more to read. Not because I'm fully ready. In fact, I'll be never fully ready for exams. There is a lot more to be read, and rite now, I'm doing my best - trying to digest everything in the nick of time. Just pray that my brain is still functioning after I'm done with all these stuffs. But, the most important is , for me - to pass my exam tomorrow. Nothing else matter rite now. So, hope u all could pray for me. Coz, this time ( like any other time, like all the exams before) - i really need to be really lucky. Oh Allah, pls, let me get over it.

While some ppl are preparing to go back home for holiday, I'm still with the books. ( yeah Sarah, selamat tinggal -jumpe kat mesia nanti mase simposium kat kb ok :)! ). While kak red is bz shopping in beijing, I'm still here reading my notes. My kak faizah bz playing with her hamster - I'm still here - cooking my text book - hoping that by digesting some of the notes, it will go straight to my brain. I just hope it will be over soon. Aminnn.....


sayda said...

boil the book, then minum air die.
haha. :p

all d best k~

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

all the best

all the best

all the best

udachi tebye!

wénkt said...

han, masa dlm phone tadi, lupa nak wish good luck exam.

so, good luck!

aku tau ko boleh buat han!!

btw, kirimkan belt tu satu ok.. cari dlm 300 - 500 USD dah la.. kalau mahal sgt, tak mampu nak bayar balik..

Red Mummy said...

moga jawab molek2..

agak2 x dpt jwb, seru je nama akak ko ni ha!

simah said...

good luck with ur exam.. n thanks 4 hopping to my blog :0)

is this ur final year?

Wawa said...

sayda punya petua tuh pun ok.

my father always ask me to do the same when i was schooling.

i have never done that anyway.

good luck for the remaining papers dude.

Equilibrium said...

good luck untuk aku!

izaida said...

pastinya semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar :D

pearlEJ said...

gd luck han.. :)p