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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm not dead , yet.

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I didYesterday"-MCR
-coz i love u even more today! - ME!
Hi everyone! Yes, I'm still here, not dead YET! First, I would like to thanks everybody who wished me. I'm glad to know ppl like u. FYI, I had done 2 of my final exams. So, I have one more left on monday. So, keep praying for me. I know couldnt make it without the help from the God, and the prayers from all of u.
Nevertheless, I havent been updating my blog for the past few days ( maybe a week?) becoz, I was bz with my studies, and even if i do update my blog, all i would write is about my desperation to be over with the exams. So, I decided to stop writing until I have something else to write except whininng and complaining about the final exam!
So, as u can see from the photos. Yes, last nite, after i finished my clincal examination final exam, we decided to go to the My Chemical Romance concert. Well, it's not like everyday MCR held their concert here. Not even once in 2-3 years. So, there is no way i could pass this opportunity. It's kinda once in a last time event for me. ( I'm not that concert crazy guy, in fact i hate to go concert unless i really like the band performing.). So, what the heck rite. Since MCR is my fav band rite now, regardless how much the ticket cost me, there is no way I'm gonna stay home last nite.
mcr's drum's stick that I managed to catch last nite!
It was a great concert. My fans were totally hyped and uncontrolled. Well, it's was a concert, so - what do u expect rite. The concert started at 8. But we arrived at 730pm. It's was quite late actually to get a great view. But, no big deal. Since we came in a group - it was like 7 of us (zak, me, puyi,nwar,dhabu,taka,faiz). We managed to push ourselves inside the crowd, and by the time the it started , we were standing only 10 m from the stage. But, 10m wasnt good enuf dude. After 2 songs, we were like on the 3rd row, about 4-5m from the stage and we could see the band, LIVE - just a few steps away from us. It was a great experience.
The only setback for last nite was - i didnt bring my digicam. So, I only have my phone camera. So, here are photos taken by phone. Not very clear, but - what the hell rite. It's good enuf for a camera phone since it was really dark. From the photo up here, u can see how close was I to the stage! We managed to push through in front becoz a lot of ppl who were standing in the first row , collapsed and fainted due to hypoxia. Well, the fans were really crazy, so we really have to be careful last nite. I could see the paramedics pulling out unconscioused fans from the crowd at the rate of one girl every 2 minutes. (tu la, lain kali kalau nak pergi concert, minum powerade dulu... hehehe.. - ni bak kata dhabu la)

The MCR sang about 10-14 songs last nite. The performance was awesome. I'm not expecting Gerard (the singer) to be that good. But, he really can sing LIVE, and he kept saying - SPASIBA- a russian word meaning thank you. Great job MCR. Wow, it was a totally amazing. The concert finished at 1020pm. It was still sunshine at 1020pm in moscow nowdays. After the concert, I could see a lot of other Malaysians who went to the concert too. BUT, the highlight of the day was, I managed to catch the DRUMMER DRUM'S Stick. They were throwing stuffs to the fan, and when I saw they were throwing the drum's stick, I was like.... "what the hell , I dont really care", coz I know ppl would kill to get that. BUT, suddenly, the drum's stick flew toward me.... and hell no I would let other get it. I grabbed it and hold it tight. Few ppl tried to take it away from me, but I managed to hold it. WOW. Totally not expecting it. YEAH DUDE... I got the MCR drum's stick. I means, that is the best souvenier u can get from a concert rite?

-this pic isnt from last nite-sekadar hiasan shj!

Thanks Bob for the drum's stick. U guys ROCK!!! . Anyway, now- back to the table. Need to study for my gynae final exam...... hmmm... life is back to normal again....


Wawa said...


i love MCR too.

i couldn't understand the MCR craze earlier, when all my younger bros and sister were at it.

but after a while, i'm liking it too.

i wish i could be there too.


Red Mummy said...

kalo dema campak akak, ko grab x akak cam ko pegang drum's stick tu?

napa nak kena campak drum's stick ek, asal dia x campak pedal kaki drums dia tu keh, piring drum tu keh, micropon ke..

kan kan..

sahih tido malam ngan drum's stick tu kan?

udah2 tu nan, pi sambung study ko, mon nak exam ..

sayda said...

dpt drumstick mcr..
dh la dpt tgk live.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

You hit my leg with the drumstick, now its bengkak sial!! Dont let me whack you one day with a baseball bat LOL

WHERE is the picture we took together? Your shirt was so sweaty, you can come hug me somemore!! Grrrrr...

Ainul said...

wahh..mesti bersemangat study sebab dapat drumstick tu..hehe..

pearlEJ said...

wahhhhhhh!! tgk konsert MCR!! syokkkkkkk...

mummysyafie said...

layan MCR gak ke..kelas doktor ni..