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Friday, June 01, 2007

-I'm Back -

my uncle n I

hye guys, I'm Back... finally, firstly, I'd like to say, I"M DEEPLY SORRY to those who emailed me, who sent me msg, who sms-ed me, who left ym offline msgs to me for the past few days, because I couldnt be able to reply all of those. I've been a bit busy for the past few days, because I have a special guest from Malaysia, yes my favourite uncle a.k.a ayah su, came to moscow. But, the main reason for him to come here is for working purpose, not to see me.... but.. who cares, he was here.... and I was so happy to see him. Never came across my mind that a relative of mine would come to moscow.
My uncle came with some other frens who are in the same business. Actually they were here to attend an international conference. Since, i have finished all my classes this semester, so I became the unofficial tour guide for them. At first, the hired a russian tour guide, but after they met me, they fired the girl since it's easier to have someone who can speak malay + english + russian at the same time. They were here for 4 days, so it had been a wonderful and exciting 4 days for us.

4 days in moscow, is just nice to visit everything here. But, since they had to attend the conference, we missed a few nice tourist spot here in moscow. but still, I think they had seen 90% of the moscow city and been to all the famous tourist attraction places in moscow. So, i hope they had enjoyed their time here. But for my uncle, since he's be coming again for my graduation next year (insya Allah), there are still a lot more of moscow waiting for him.

It had been a great time to meet ur family member ( something for a change!!!) for me... really enjoyed walking and wondering around moscow city with them. Even thou they are a bit veteren, but, they can walk around all day long.... no complain at all... we even use the metro for quite a few times... ( metro here is totally not very tourist friendly - packed with ppl, hustling, rushing, pushing )

here is the photo where we were having dinner at Gandhara, the only HALAL food restaurant in the canter of moscow. So, here was where everyone had meat and chicken again and rice. But , of course, a proper nice cosy restaurant in center of moscow, will cost a bomb.


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Hannan,

mmg sy punya ayah sedara yg selalu dtg sini tu, sy dh x rasa excited dh. sbb sokmo sgt dia dtg. hehe. sampaikn dia lg tau psl russian history =p Gandhara tu kat mana nan?

pearlEJ said...

nak pi gak ler moscow...