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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My exam schedule

It's summer in moscow, but the temperature went down for the past few days. It was 30-34 degree celcious last week, but for the last few days, it was like 15-20 degree celcious. Thank you to global warming. But actually, it's God who control the weather, and right now, we - human, are paying the price for killing the earth. The earth went crazy, the temperature is upside down. Nevertheless, regardless of all this - my final exam is still going, as scheduled. So, here is the schedule
8 June - Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
13 June - Clinical examination
18 June - Gynaecology and obstetric

not everyday u see kuih bahulu at the coffee house in moscow

So, i still have 2 more days before my first final exam. Actually, it supposed to be 5 subject. But, i finished 2 of them ealier. Forensic and ENT are done. So, 3 more left. If i didnt do the 2 exams earlier, my JUNE is a really crazy month. Luckily, i'm not that doom. But, still - those 3 exams, arent a laughing stuff. Yup, those 3 exams could kill me - and right now, I'm doing my best to stay alive. Really cant wait for this month to be over. Nope ... nope.. really cant wait to be over with the exams. I dont want this month to be over too soon. JUNE is a special month to me. Y?..that is the question for all the reader. The reader with the answer must give me a gift ( or 2, i dont mind- or maybe 3). Well - i guess that's a really big clue then.

ice blended fruit juice at TGI - yummy

Summer in moscow, is a really nice time to enjoy. It's like a party all day long for the whole month. Sunset at 10 o'clock, meaning u can walk all day long and didnt realize it's almost midnite. If u go to the center of moscow now, it's really colourful. That's a small road near tverskaya ( i dont know the name of the road!) , where a lot of outdoor restaurant being built at the sidewalk - live band show, it's nice play to walk around, see the ppl, look at the luxury+sports cars. It's totally a different side of moscow we see everyday.

p/s - dik red, x jadi la mcm ni nak beli ipod sbb dik red dah beli dulu ipod tu. Nak kene cari mende lain la kot.. hehehehhe... nak beli walkman cassette player la camni, kasi old- skul skit.


Red Mummy said...

sedap buah tembikai tuh..tembikai kan tuh? rindu lak akak ngan tembikai..

anw...ko dok taun bape yg nak beli cassette player lak nih? sib baik kat sini x de jual, kalo ada jual, mau akak beli 8..hik

faizabelle79 said...

tu bahulu kedai mana beli?

intankamaruddin said...

tu die dah kuar schedule exam!
hehe. ur getting older diz month, dats y its so special!
*kena bg hadiah ke isk*

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

bahulu? sungguhkah? betulkah? iyekah?


ele x pe..minggu depan sy dh nak balik dh. selamat berexam~

ween said...

hey best of luck ok for yoru exam..

Kak Red jom pi minum Red Tembikai tuh!!

aria ayumi said...

aduhaiii.. kite klw dlm bilik dgn air-cond 15-20 deg cel pun dh berbungkus dlm selimut... huhu

anyway, gud luck for your next exam... baca ur paper's name pun dh menggerunkan ai.. *i'm quite alergic wif anything that connected wif biology, huhu*

p/s-share ah sket ice blended tembikai tu...

pearlEJ said...

uikkkkk... kuih bauhulu?? mcm mana leh terlepas kt moscow?

pearlEJ said...

perghhhhh... minum strawberry surprise!! my favourite!! :D