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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fever, part 3

My fever n coughing has been going on for more than a week now, this is suck, I thought it would be over by last weekend, but - Mr fever n Miss coughing are not going anywhere yet. Maybe becoz i didnt rest for the past few days and didnt follow the instruction when i took the medicine. Yup, instead of using the table spoon to take the cough syrup, i prefer to drink it straight from the bottle, easier... hehehhe... and of course, most of the time, OVERDOSED.... which is resulting to increase susceptibility to the medicine and i have to keep changing med.... ( yes, I became very crazy and a bit stupid when I'm sick)
So, to compensate my frustration over my fever and my unbearable pain at my ankle, i decided to buy a new shoes. I mentioned a few weeks ago about my painful ankle, and I wanted to buy a new shoes. Since i always hold to the principles " my word is my dignity", I have bought a new shoes. ( never says something u r not planning to do it!). Ok, the shoes has nothing to do about my dignity actually, has more to do about my ankle. It's painful, so i need a proper shoes to keep it protected. So, I bought this AIR JORDAN 22. The latest from the Jordan series. Cost me a fortune. It's actually the most expensive shoes i ever had. But, dont worry, I dont use JPA money to buy it..... always use the government money for study purposes [ such as travelling (lawatan sambil belajar), flight tickets ( go home and do practicals), groceries ( need food to study!!!) , perfumes ( need to have good self presentation to the lecturers and patients), have fun ( release tension!!!) and bla bla bla ]

I really love this shoes, it makes me feel like to be back and play basketball again. But then, with my current ankle condition, i better not risk the chance of being crippled. The shoes even have a different pad for different type of surface. One pair of pad for indoor court, the other one for outdoor court. But, if i dont play basketball, this paddings seems to be useless. But, it doesnt really matter, the Jordan series never let me down, and always live up to the name. It is a dream shoes for everybody who play basketball. But, for those who dont, it kinda like another shoes.

Thanks to the sponsors for the shoes ( next year pls buy me the 23rd Jordan occay? ) heheehhe.. yup, I cant wait to see the 23rd series. The same number as MJ jersey number - 23. It gonna be a special shoes... should be.. and must be. So, i better start a fund now to buy that - unless I'll be a lucky man again to have sponsors to buy me that shoes.
Ok, enuf about the shoes. My uncle is safely back home , alhamdulillah and just on time for my cousin ( his daughter) engagement day. So, thanks God, everything went fine. He left me with quite a lot of stuff... mostly food from Malaysia. Maggi mee, Brahims, Tuna, Serunding... bla bla bla... which is gonna be my main food for my exam period. My final exam is starting this friday, now, I'll be busy revising, reading, sleeping and updating my blog. ( yup, exam time means my blog will be updated everyday becoz I'll be at home). Wish me luck for my exams, really need that... as always... God willing... aminnn..
p/s - i'm looking for a second hand IPOD VIDEO, pls msg me if u interested to sell.


wénkt said...

wah bestnyer ditaja...

hey hannan, jumpa kat kelantan bulan depan. takder rezeki kat portugal ah!

Equilibrium said...

i'm interested in maggi perisa kari 10 bungkus...anyone would like to sponsor??? i need during my exam period oso laaaaa...

coz that blue creature wth PINK(yuks) tee doesnt eat maggi!

pls msg me if u interested to sell( sedekah jariah!)

Red Mummy said...

1. napa tapak kasut tu ada kaler pink??

2. ada tak shoes yang leh buat for squash, futsal, badminton and tendang muka hidung orang? brand apa? i will surely buy it!

3. sapa yg adiahkan ko kasut tu?? kata kat dia, akak ni Adik Merah - im available, my no is this and that, would u mind to introduce me to him. eh mesti her kan? ok lah, girl pun girl lah!

4. kalo ko dapat 2pcs of the 2nd hand ipod tu, bak lah akak satu.

ngan makwe sendiri cam akak ni, batpe nak berkira...pulang2 duit ko duit akak gak. ckp psl caughing and flu kan, akak nye segala jadah tu sume baru recovered while im in beijing nih..gila x gila lama gila br nak baik!

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

haah la hannan. lg nak dekat exam, lg rajin update. sbb tercongok dlm bilik je 24 jam :)

sepu said...

jeles la jebon tgk ni

pearlEJ said...

kakakakakakka lawak giler tgk stitch pakai kasut tu..