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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PM visit to Moscow

In conjuction with the celebration of my end of semester party, our PM, Pak Lah has visited Moscow. ( Yes, I'm Joking!). As u can read in the paper, our beloved PM and a few ministers are here rite now, in Moscow, for a visit and meeting with the Russian Government - regarding all sort of stuffs, such as Petronas investment in Rosneft, our future "angkasawan"... and the list go on.

me n zak with Dato' Pa . Minister of Higher Education
But, even thou the PM is on a very2 tight schedule, he still want to meet the students, and the embassy had organized a dinner for students here in moscow to meet with the PM. The dinner was held at the World Trade Center (WTC). He had dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier, so he only managed to join us for desert. So, we went there, had dinner, and wait for the PM to arrive.

me, Dr Sheikh, Rajiv, Mr Sharif, Qz, Kak Mai

I thought we could have the opportunity , at least to take photo together with the PM and his new wife, but the security was very2 tight, it was impossible even to go close to him. But, it was understandable. He was tired. In fact, he did look tired. He arrived at the dinner around 9.30pm...( i guessed ...), but still everyone was so excited to see him, and his new wife of course.

Me, Jed, Priss, Shida

He gave a short speech during the dinner. Well, not that short, but I think he could have talk longer if the MC didnt stop/disturb him during the speech. There might had been some misunderstanding, but nevermind. I listened to his speech so attentively, since not like everyday (not even a year) I would see him LIVE.
the same old group

But, one thing I really love about our PM. He always smile. Regardless of anything. Well, that's what it takes to be a good leader, and he's certainly the best leader we could have rite now. The dinner went well, the food was good (except the "not so tasty" beriani... my God.. who could have eaten that!!!! - a quote from Hell's Kitchen). Still, the rest was great. enjoying myself taking photos with frens, since we all gonna be leaving Moscow for our summer break.

getting prepared to get 4 wives!!! heheheh... kidding dear!

Now that I'm totally free from exams, life couldnt be any better. I can wake up in the morning with fresh mind, no pressure, no tension. I wish I could have this kind of life forever. BUT, this isnt a real life. There is no way I could be like this everyday. All the pressure in life, all the tension, all the problems, the pain, the hardwork, - all of these, give colours to our LIFE. These are the stuff that make our life so meaningful!!!!.. ( hehehe, lepas exam bole la cakap camni kan?)
after party???
p/s - Okey dik Red, jom ronggeng... ape lagi kan... hehehhe... Kak Faizah, ala... budget kite kali ni x sempat nak sampai france la.. xper.. nanti kite pergi petik cherry kat cameroon highland jer la... ( ade ker?)


faizabelle79 said...

lawanye...Tok Pa tu....hihihih...
Yang pakai tie pinky tu pun hensem gak..

sayda said...

Dr sheikh tu..huhu

exam= colorful= colorless?


intankamaruddin said...

yeaayyy congrats da abes exam!
dah agak dah mst security die ketat punye. tkpe next time ade lg chance insyaAllah heh heh.
p/s: Pak Lah tukang kebun pun boleyy laa..
p/s 2: Ade tukang kebunn.. Wooo~

Red Mummy said...

zak tu student gak ke?

sapa mamat yang diri sebelah dr sheikh a/sawan tu ek? bukan ko lah, yg sebelah kiri dia tuh... bukan mamat yang sama yang ko post gambo dia in the previous entries ke?

aku ni dok membelek muka boiprens orang jer kan...

hey = i recognize shidah ada lam photo tu, wahhh...hi shida, i m yr adik madu!

ko nak ronggeng kat ne?

jgn lupa projek futsal kita!!

wénkt said...

perghhh layan VIP nampak...
aku gak yg layan org biasa je.. hee

pearlEJ said...

ya ampunnnn.. hensem giler Dr. SM nehh..

mummysyafie said...

Jed tu siap ngan tradisional custom kan..cayalah