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Thursday, June 21, 2007

My summer has started!

Hoyyey.... My "summer" in moscow has started. Nowdays, I could sleep anytime i want, and wake up anytime I want. ( back to the days after i finished my SPM). But, I could do the same when I get back home in Malaysia rite? Nope.. not anymore. I wont do that. In fact, it hard to be so "pemalas" at home (in Malaysia) coz, I'm a grown up now. and a grown up must act like one. But, since I live by myself here in moscow, i can do whatever i want. Anyway, today I went out to do a little shopping. I met with hafiz and kindut at the electronic center. They were having lunch at McD after shopping for souvenier at Arbat.
Yup, I went to the Novi Cheremushki today ( the electronic center). I was looking for the cheap Kodak digicam which was on SALE. But, none left. So, have to change plan. Since I need a backup camera during my next eurotour, I really need a good camera in case my SONY T33 underperfomed. So, I ended up, buying a cheap 5M Canon PowerShot. It was quite bulky camera. But, I know that canon digicam produce better photo than Sony. I bought it for quite a bargain price. Good enuf, great deal - and the photos are a lot better than the cybershot!!!

Yup, up here is my old skinny T33. I bought it 2 year ago. Very durable!!!. Been to all the places. From cold -30 degree in moscow to +45 degree at the desert. This maroon digicam has been a great companion. But, the photos quality are a bit rubbish actually. I bought this digicam because of the shape - and I was totally fooled the sexy, slim, slick, gorgeous shape. Nevertheless, this digicam has been a big part of my life, and I'm gonna use it until the day it doesnt work anymore. (yes, I'm a sentimental man....that's why I have a lot of rubbish in my room.... sometimes being TOO sentimental is Bullshit.. )
... and today also, I had my first bday gift. Tq dear for the gift, I really love it!!! Yup, my bday is still far , far away. But, I dont mind the gifts.. hehehe.. the burberry eau de toilette.
P/S - I'm looking for team mates for futsal tournament against dik RED team, PLS - boys and girls, anyone who is interested to join my team, pls contact me. Doesnt matter if u dont know how to play futsal , so does dik Red. No big deal!!!


sayda said...

i'm in!
for the futsal thingy.

r u going back to msia this summer?

Hannan said...

welcome to the team Sayda!

Red Mummy said...

kwang kwang kwang

anyone wants to join my RED team yang dah ramai orang tuh?

well probably as a supporters since i dont hv to bug ppl to join my team coz i can play all alone to beat this burberry team!

yes..siap la ada yang terkehel terlipat aku buat ni kang.

ngan sayda ngan equil aku das2 gak.

oi eq dah sampai sini, ko bila nak sampai nih?

intankamaruddin said...

I use T30 Cybershot tp so far my friends are saying dat it gives really good photos. Hehe. Sony pun ade gambar cantik tau. (Peminat Sony Cybershot nih).

Know the exact date to play?

pearlEJ said...

mmg suka pakai EDT ekk??

mummysyafie said...

terlepas peluang main futsal la

mummysyafie said...

nice camera nan

[LADYKiKi] said...

patut lah selalu je hidu aura han... bluberry ni rupanya.. huhu