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Friday, March 15, 2013

To marya yusof

Marya Yusof said...
Hi doc,

Saya faham message yang ingin disampaikan... Saya juga menunggu2 jika ada yg ingin menceritakan hal yg sbnr ttg kes ni... sb org kita biasanya berhati baik... cuma saya kecewa bila baca tulisan doc ni terutama sekali paragraph yg ni "the one who took the photo is such a jerk and an asshole" ... Mind ur words doc... seorang doc dihormati kerana kepakaran & kebijaksaan mereka... tulis elok2 & cantik2 krn ia mengambarkan personaliti kita... kalau tak tiada bezanya kita dgn org yg amik gambar tu...

To marya Yusof.
To start with.. I don't know who u are.
Secondly , those strong words are meant for those who deserved it.
Kindly spend some of ur precious time listening to tazkirah for example from Ustaz Azhar idrus ( hopefully u know who he is )
He uses strong words to describe people who deserved it
Even ministers used strong words at times .
And that did not degrade their status at all
In my case , I believe those people need to be thought a lesson. And they deserved the strong words, so they would realize they have done something wrong..

There is an old Malay saying that goes something like this ... Tak mati dikeji... Tak hidup dek pujian ( something like that, please correct me )

So marya... Try listening to Ustaz Azhar idrus... A lot of interesting issue .. And u might learn something. .

P/s - I don't work to earn people respect . I go to work everyday because it is my responsibility as a Muslim to help others. I could have open my own clinic, but I choose to work with the government so I could serve the people who couldn't afford private medical treatment. Earning respect n money is the last one on my list !

Thursday, March 14, 2013

part 2..

orang melayu kite...

dah perangai orang melayu kite...
lepas ni jumpe orang nak mati kene heart attack tepi jalan..
ambik gambar dulu.. post dalam fb n instagram..
lepas tu baru tolong...

oh my God...

i am not in shock if this happened in the future...

to all the STAFF NURSE..
I tabik u all for doing the good work
and I support u all!
keep up the good work
even thou our MELAYU didnt appreciate ur JOB
ALLAH knows best.

melayu ni jahat...

UIA once said in his tazkirah... " melayu ni jahat"

and we can see a clear example here
there has been a widespread rumour in the net and news regarding the bleeding baby issue at the SCN at HRPZ ll

Here is the truth,

the staff nurses at the ward is not 100 percent to be blamed
they are just human
3 of them need to take care of 20 babies in ward at least

FACT number one..
the baby is not injured or being injured or sustained any serious bleeding
the blood came from the IV access
what happened was , clearly we can see in the picture the baby is upside down
meaning the baby is very active in the baby court..
and when the baby move excessively ,  the vein access is accidentally displaced ,
causing some blood spilled.
definitely no major bleeding here
the baby is not harm in any way
the eye cover is for protection against the phototheraphy
the baby is admitted because on jaundice ...

FACT number two
the one who took the photo is such a jerk and an asshole
when u see thing like this happened ,
u call the staff nurse or the doctor
there is no point taking photo of this unfortunate event
call the people in charge and they will fix the situation
no medical personal in right mind would ignore this if they saw this baby.
but the jerk who took the photo... is sooooo busuk hati..
she decided to make a fuss about this...
she should have help the baby by getting some help

FACT number 3
the picture is not as bad as it looks like
it the baby is harmed or injured ,
the parent would have complaint
instead.. there is no issue coming from the baby parent

FACT number 4
dear people
be sensible and be logical
dont listen to rumour
dont spread wild rumour
dapat dosa free