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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

moscow suicidal attack

well, nothing much i could comment here,
here are the photos from the recent suicidal attack at moscow metro stations ,
which unfortunately , 3 malaysian student were injured.
the good news, those 3 students are fine now
lucky escape
but there were more than 30 people died
the attack happened at the stations located at the center of moscow
the lubyanka and park kultury metro stations are 2 of the most busy and crowded stations in moscow...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dengue fever

we are losing the battle .... said the ministry of health on dengue fever

despite the wide spread news about this particular disease on the mass media..
not everyone takes full precautions about it..

there is no specific medicine to give to those who got dengue fever
but, if u do have dengue fever,
u must be warded , so we could monitor ur illness progress,
making sure that u r fully hydrated
and if u started to have bleeding
then we could consider giving u blood transfusion if the bleeding is severe.

if u do have dengue fever symptom...
which are - fever, headache, muscle weakness. , rashes .. ( and worst case scenario. .. bleeding )..and the fever still persistent after taking paracetamol , or some might go to the GP , was given antibiotic...
but the fever still there...
please present urselves to the nearest emergency room

Saturday, March 27, 2010

tik tok

another weekend passed by
i'm not working at the hospital this weekend
but still , i'm working

people asked me,
arent u tired of working?

I simply replied " it takes my mind away"

well, life is full of problems and shits

I had my chance, i took the chance, i blew up
i lost one big battle
and now I'm suffering from it

but then, i'm bouncing back , slowly
it was a big lost - but life has to go on
i'll keep working hard

when i'm busy working..
all the other problems just flew away..
well, when there are patients dying in front of u..
not much room in ur mind to think about other things rite

tomorrow, work as usual @ GH
and i'll be oncall as well
life is good

another day of jom heboh

imagine if u are in the ambulans with this little girl who is dying...
and the ambulans is stuck in the traffic, just about to enter the hospital compound..
it's just about 50 meters away from the emergency room..
but the traffic is not moving..
the road is paralyzed
the little girl is about to die..

and there's nothing u can do because the road is full with people ..
singing happily toward the jom heboh event site...

well... imagine if u are the doctor who's with this little girl on the ambulans
she needs ventilatory support..
u are doing manual bagging
but the then , it's not enuf coz the on board oxygen supply is finishing...
just imagine...

this is how the hospital entrance looks like on daily basis
this small entrance is the main entrance to the hospital
the jom heboh is held just outside the big arch
so people park their car inside the hospital compound the way the like..
there are a lot of people blocking the road...

bloody hell... why cant they just find a better place to held this event
i'm not against jom heboh
i just hated the organizer so much
i'm sure the whole hospital staffs felt the same way...

to the event manager..
or to those who approved the event to be held at the state stadium
imagine ur son, is dying.. on the ambulans,
just had an accident..
lost a lot of blood..
stuck in the traffic for an hour before managed to get into the emergency room....

Friday, March 26, 2010

the best husband ever

Mother-in-law’s choice

A young man finds the woman of his dreams and asks her to marry him. He

tells his mother he wants her to meet his fiance, but he wants to make a
bit of a game out of it. He says he’ll bring the girl over with two other
women and see if his mother can guess which is the one he wants to marry.
His mother agrees to the game.

That night, he shows up at his mother’s house with three beautiful young
ladies. They all sit down on the couch, and everyone has a wonderful
evening talking and getting to know each other.

At the end of the evening, the young man asks his mother, ‘OK, Mom, which
one is the woman I want to marry?’

Without any hesitation at all, his mother replies, ‘The one in the middle.’

The young man is astounded. ‘How in the world did you figure it out?’

‘Easy,’ she says. ‘I don’t like her.’

the era is over???

we were called to a meeting with the hospital director a few weeks ago,
he was mentioning about the increasing numbers of doctors in malaysia for the past few years
and the number kept rising
due to the increasing numbers of doctors lately,
the issue that risen is - the quality of current doctors

yes, i hate to talk about it
but it's true

the quality of newly graduated doctors are very much debatable.
there are too many medical students graduating every years.
according to a reliable source, in malaysia nowdays,
each years, we are producing more than 2000 doctors ( including those who graduated from overseas university )

ok, that's quite a large number,

which is good to the citizen of malaysia
as there will be doctors everywhere ...
nowdays, there is no doctors working permenantly at local clinic,
only visiting doctors,
but in next few year, surely there will be...
and more benefit to the community

that's the good part
the not so GOOD part is...

according the ministry of health
based on current rate of doctors graduating every year.. ( about 2000 per year )

maybe... and i'm pretty sure about it ... starting 2012 ,the medical students who graduated ,
will NOT be guaranteed a place at the government hospital.
in short, u have to take ur turn to be a houseman.
so, u might be jobless for quite sometimes
not all of u... maybe some...

and to those graduating from overseas, regardless u are sponsored by the government..
u have to sit for a special exam before u'll be allowed to be a houseman at malaysian government hospital...

which i think... WOW... I just glad I'm already a doctor now.

all these new rules , is to make sure that only the best would serve the malaysian citizen...

so, the moral of the story here...
if u think by enrolling into medical school
and u'll be guaranteed a job in the future,
think twice.

try dentistry.
our country needs a lot of dentists.

and i'm not kidding about what i write in this entry

damn it JOM HEBOH

how i wish i'm not in kota bharu on this particular weekend

damn it "JOM HEBOH"

yes, kota bharu is such a small city
so, when this big event comes to the town...
the road will be congested...

the road in kota bharu is meant for such a small population of people.
currently, the jom heboh is happening at the state stadium
which is located in the middle of the kota bharu town
and what make it worse,
it's next to the HRPZ ll , the place where i work!

why cant they held this event somewhere far far away from the town..
damn it...
the traffic is killing me
i'm sure the people who work and live in kota bharu town felt the same way...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

as time passes by...

i had my bad days..
and i guess, it's over.
i'm turning into a new page of life

shit happened, nothing can undo that
i'll just deal with it,
and try to get the best out of it

i was oncall yesterday.
i started the day with a prayer to Allah
I prayed to have a wonderful day
and I did.

yes, sometimes, we forgot that everything that happened to us,
come from God.
I'm very much forgotten about that lately

i had my series of unfortunate events.
but, as i think about it....
it wasnt that bad.
well, it was bad actually,
but then , here i am, still breathing..

the best thing to do when u feel bad about urselves,
just look around u, there are many more people who are more unfortunate compared to u.
some people live on the street, hoping for the passers by mercy to throw them some coins or foods...
when i think about it, i felt thankful that God still gave me the life i have rite now.

and, when u are successful,
we must remember , there are many more successful people out there,
and they are far richer and smarter than us...
that would take us back on the earth....

Monday, March 22, 2010

circle of life

behind those smiles,
u have no idea what lies beneath ...
the lady in the photo, her name "kak ayu"
she's the JM at the clinic,
helped me a lot,
thanks a lot kak ayu.

it has been a tough few days for me.
i was so stressed up lately.
so many problems, at yet, nothing has been solved so far.
i just cant focus at anything rite now..
my mind is flying away and away.

there was a time , i felt like i'm on the top of the world , a time when everything was great and wonderful
currently, i'm at the current opposite situation
in a very deep hole..

even today at work, before i sat for my viva with the specialist,
a group of students, who just got their 9 a-ss in the spm - they were in the program called the "doktor muda "
the person incharge saw me sitting at the clinic, and she came to me and nicely asked me
" doctor, this is a group of students who are looking foward to be future doctors , and they would like to interview , asking how is it , being a doctor "

at that time, i was really stressed and tense coz i was about to seat for the viva ..
i told her " i cant, i'm very busy rite now, waiting for the specialist to screw me up.."
then i told the kids " guys.... dont be a doctor, u just might regret it later "

well, those are the things that i shouldnt have said
and i felt bad about it
sorry kids.

if i were at their place, and a doctor told me the same thing i told them...
i would be very demoralized to be a doctor...

hencefoward , i'm really sorry for what i did today.

it has not been the best day of my life
but i'm trying the best to survive.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

bumblee bee no more

yes, no more racing line for bumble bee,
due to the technical error and the racing stripe had to be removed
and bumble bee got her old sleek and sexy look again.
when i left bumble bee to be polished and waxed ...
i got a call from my brother..
the black accord belong to him
2 shiny cars,
sob sob... it was a week ago...
today, something bad happened to bumble bee..
damn it..
and another brother with his red lady....
this car gonna be my wedding gift :)

i'm sorry bumble bee

well, i do not own this ferrari yet,
but maybe in the future..
and this is not the reason why i said i'm sorry to bumble bee.
coz i hurted her today..

i was oncall on friday, the this morning, i continue working..
then still doing some extra job at noon..
bla bla bla..
the point was, I was very tired..
and I my brain wasnt functioning at 100 percent capacity..
in short, i lost my focus when i was driving today.

so, bumble bee got hurt. not much, a little, i reckon
but the real cost is still unknown..
need to wait till tomorrow bumble bee meet her doctor...
hopefully it's repairable..
or else - bumble bee needs a new sets of wheels...

and that would mean more extra part time for me...

Friday, March 19, 2010

hormonal changes?

lately, i have become so hot tampered for very unknown reason
i'm used to be mr cool among my frens and in the ward..
but since i came back from district hospital,
things have changed a bit..
i dont know why

those who work with me, know that I'm very laid down and calm doctor..
( used to be very "kalut" one when i started )
but after a while, i manage to be smart in doing my job.
i hardly scolded other, and I'm a very nice doctor to nurses and patients

nonetheless, for the past few days,
i became so easily irritated....
i dont know why...

maybe the medical posting is taking its toll on me..
it's the most stressful posting ...
no denial on that

to all my friend...pls bear with me until i finished my medical posting.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

bye bye hospital kuala krai

well, my short "holiday" at hospital kuala krai has ended...
it was such a lovely short period spent there.. i wish the bloody GH could be as "calm" as those district hospital...

I would say that district hospital is kinda a relaxing..
definitely suit my need
but , the problem is , u wont learn much , working at the small hospital
as most of the problematic cases are being referred to the GH...

in a way, it's good for ur social life,
but professionally, it's bad.

I somehow pretty much considering to work at the district hospital later on,
before i persue my master...

listen everyone..
i reckon I want to further my study to be a specialist....
plastic surgeon is no 1 on the list..
i once said to all my fren that i would just be happy being a doctor
and someday open my own small private clinic...
but then...
i'm still young..
i might as well try to be a surgeon..
if i failed..
then we'll do the plan b...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

what lies beneath

everybody has problem..
big problems, small problems....
these are the things that keep everyone going

for certain people, the just cant hide their problems... u can even see it as it were written on their forehead.
for some, they are very secretive about their problem...

some problem, it's better for u to keep it to urselves, the rest - u might consider telling others coz u need other people help to settle them..

it's just a part of life. technically, there's no man on earth who has no problem at all.
but we are so used of using the 2 words " no problemo! "

funny as it is....

Thursday, March 04, 2010

we did the best we could..

today, has not been the best day of my life...
when I started doing my morning round at the medical ward today...
my specialist came to me... and she came very early today..
and she said "I'm so sad..."
I asked her, what's wrong? , she replied.. " the little girl is dead"

I was shocked to death...

a few days ago, a little girl, - was brought to the emergency room with severe shortness of breath plus other sign and symptom , - she's a known case of SLE, who defaulted follow up and treatment with multiple history of admission to ward...

... due the severity of her condition , she was intubated and she was admitted to ICU, where she received the best treatment we could provide.

nonetheless, the SLE has effected other organs, the kidneys were failing.. the heart.. the lungs... all pretty much not functioning they way they should be...

But, God does work in very mysterious way...
after 2 days in ICU, she got better.. the condition improved...
she was able to open her eyes again but still intubated..

and seeing her condition improving, we decided to sent her to GH for further management...
and I was the one who accompanied her all the way to the GH..
all the doctors here were very happy about her improvement..
and we were hoping she would get even better...

along the journey from my hospital to GH , she looks happy even thou she was still intubated..
the vital signs were normal thru out the journey... there were no problem at all..
I was doing the manual bagging all by myself ... never even let the nurse to take over... even thou it was very tiring...

when we reached there, at the GH, I passed over the case to the specialist in charge..
she was stable at the time.. and before i left, i went to her to say good bye, and smiled and blinked her eyes twice...
i told her, i'll see u when u get better...

and that was the last time i saw her face..

this morning, i received the news, she passed away last night at GH..

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

living a good life...

being a government medical officer, we do not earn much,
our salary is as much as a degree holder primary school teacher...
enuf to pay for the car loan.. the house rent.... and daily groceries..
and not much is left after that..

not that I'm complaining about that..
but it's the truth that happening in our country...

people expect doctors earn a lot , compared to other government servant...
unfortunately that's a myth

and maybe... what makes some doctors look rich is because..
there were at work 24/ 7... and they have no time to spend the money they earned..

but still... those only happened to doctors who live at quaters, have no car, and no family..

so, the lesson we learned today...
if u want to be rich as soon as u graduated..
dont be a doctor..

Monday, March 01, 2010

Emang Dasar!!!

currently I'm so crazy about this band.. WaliBand..
new phenomenom from indonesia..
they started off with the most famous "cari jodoh" song..

but one song from their album that really attract me the most..
which is I'm currently listening to it at this very moment... emang dasar..
this particular song really make me lough out loud...

i just bought the vcd today, and i first listened to the song in my car earlier..
and I have to say, the song writer is really a genius...
damn.. it's such a catchy.... kick ass and a slap in the face song for all the bajingan out there..
my short attachment to Hospital Kuala Krai is coming to the end...
damn.. I wish I could stay there longer
hated to go back to GH...
but, as a good government slave..
i'll be back working at Hospital Kota bharu somewhere next week...
damn it...

the best ideal place for me to work would be the local clinic at pengkalan chepa..
nearby my house and I could be my own boss there..

not like @ GH..
there were like thousand of bossessss
and u have to please every single of them....